18 Fashionable Pooches That Will Make Your Tuesday Awww-some AF!

18 Fashionable Pooches That Will Make Your Tuesday Awww-some AF!

They say nothing ruins your Friday like realising it’s only Tuesday. If you’re suffering from a bad case of the ‘Tuesdays’, there’s little that will make the blues go away. Of course, there are exceptions. In fact, this exception applies no matter what the rule is… Need a hint? It has four legs, one tail, is fluffy AF and dressed to the nines. Still struggling? I’m talking about ‘awwwdorable’, Instagram famous pooches with closets to die for.  

I mean, who doesn't love dogs? Whether it’s a bad hair day or a bad day, period, these fluffy pooches make everything better. Also, besides making your Tuesday much more bearable, these Insta-famous puppers also come with style tips to make you wanna rethink your wardrobes. It’s a win-win! So, whether you’re too cranky to function or just in need of fashion inspo, follow these popular pooches on Instagram ASAP. I challenge you to scroll through these pup photos without awwwing for more than a second.

1. @RemixTheDog

1  remixthedog fashionable dogs on insta

You need a layering lesson from this pooch, ASAP.

2. @LACorgi

2  lacorgi fashionable dogs on insta

Gotta love dogs. Did someone say, ‘pawdorable’? 

3. @MarnieTheDog

3  marniethedog fashionable dogs on insta

What does this tell you? There’s no such thing as ‘too much pink’. 

4. @ItsDougThePug

4  itsdougthepug fashionable dogs on insta

We’re vibing with Doug’s co-ord athleisure outfit and how! 

5. @PopeyeTheFoodie

5  popeyethefoodie fashionable dogs on insta

Pinstripes and chunky ties… this foodie doggie cleans up nice!

6. @ToastMeetsWorld

6  toastmeetsworld fashionable dogs on insta

If this doesn’t make you realise you don’t have enough berets, then are you even a fashion girl?

7. @MenswearDog

7  mensweardog fashionable dogs on insta

Ummm. Texting this to my boyfriend ASAP.

8. @JiffPom

8  jiffpom fashionable dogs on insta

If only I could gather enough cash for a Supreme tee, too!

9. @SamsonTheDood

9  samsonthedood fashionable dogs on insta

Luxury bathrobes aren’t for everyone. They're for dogs like Samson. Obviously.

10. @SpiceDogsss

10  spicedogsss fashionable dogs on insta

When pooches pose with basket bags and Gingham, you know they are true summer essentials.

11. @NevilleJacobs

11  nevillejacobs fashionable dogs on insta

Marc Jacobs’ dog is more fashionable than him, TBH.

12. @LifeOfVi

12  lifeofvi fashionable dogs on insta

This french bulldog loves fancy leashes and matches them to her necklace. Please, wearing emeralds for an evening walk is normal.

13. @HoneyIDressedThePug

13  honeyidressedthepug fashionable dogs on insta

The stripes, the scarf and twinning…. Enough reason to adopt your own bundle of fluff, no?

14. @PoochOfNYC

14  poochofnyc fashionable dogs on insta

No wonder this pupper is taking NYC by storm! I mean, look at those sunnies.

15. @Maya_On_The_Move

15  maya on the move fashionable dogs on insta

Maya’s chic look seems to scream ‘can I get my non-fat, no cream, extra sprinkles latte please?’.

16. @EloiseCloset

16  eloisecloset fashionable dogs on insta

Eloise loves ruffles, we love ruffles.

17. @RosenbergTheDog

17  rosenbergthedog fashionable dogs on insta

Biker jackets are a classic and Rosenberg the dog knows it.

18. @DuckyTheYorkie

18  duckytheyorkie fashionable dogs on insta

When you’re dressed so well why would you want rain to ‘go away, come again another day?’

Whatcha waiting for? Open up Instagram ASAP and follow these fashionable pooches right now!