5 Famous Indian Musicians Share What Makes Their Heart Sing This World Music Day!

5 Famous Indian Musicians Share What Makes Their Heart Sing This World Music Day!

There's no day in your life that can go by without you grooving to a beat! Music is something that brings people closer; it heals and awakens your soul and brings you back to life! This World Music Day, we remember and commemorate our love for music and ask five famous Bollywood, contemporary and hip-hop musicians from the country what music really means to them.

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1. Music is my soul, my life and my story: Badshah


If we know anything about the hip-hop beat in the Bollywood music industry, we ought to know Badshah. He speaks about the meaning of music in his life and says, "Music is my soul, my life, my story. It helps me connect with people and bring out emotions that I would otherwise never be able to express. I have had a fantastic time in the industry. I have been blessed to get the acceptance and love that I have received from everyone. The biggest thing the industry has helped me achieve is helped me spread my music to every corner of the country."

2. It is a way of life for me: Akasa Singh

akasa singh

A young pop artist, Akasa (the Thug Ranja singer) expresses her love for the art, "Music is a way of life for me. And not only because I am a singer myself. I think I speak on behalf of a lot of others, I couldn't imagine a day without music in it. Whether it's while doing a chore or while driving, in no matter what mood, music is a necessity. It has to be playing in the background. My experience in the industry has been a roller coaster ride with its share of ups and downs (a lot of them), but I wouldn't have it any other way."

3. It helps you understand things on a deeper level: Alyssa Mendosa

Alyssa 38-min

Playback singer Alyssa Mendosa feels that music makes you understand many things. "Music is a constant in my life. I've been around it before I was born. It has allowed me to realise a lot of things and brought beautiful unforgettable experiences into my life."

4. It is peace, passion, and creativity. It's given my life purpose: Arjun Kanungo 


We also asked the Go Goa Gone singer Arjun Kanungo to share his favourite playlist with us and he told us that it really depends on where he is, "I love anything by Oh Wonder, Rage Against The Machine, Yellow Claw, AR Rahman, Inna, Kygo and the Weeknd."

5. It's my savior: Hardy Sandhu

hardy sandhu

"Music has literally been my savior after my sports injury. So, I am extremely blessed to be able to pursue music. I am going to keep working hard all my life and make sure I am doing justice to my art," says Hardy.