Our Easy, Breezy Guide To Dressing For Summer That's Sure To Keep You Cool!

Our Easy, Breezy Guide To Dressing For Summer That's Sure To Keep You Cool!

Wearing styles like sleeveless tops and cotton shorts are THE way to stay cool in the summer, you can't always be sporting them on a daily basis. There are so many places that we go to and so many different things we do every day, often which call for us to be dressed to the max. It can also be that you don't wish to expose your skin too much to the sun and being covered from head to toe remains your only option of dressing up for the season.

We brought you some OOTD inspiration from our favourite Plixxo bloggers, who put in their fashion sensibilities and unique style into creating amazing ensembles that will keep you comfortable this summer. 

1. Keep It Oversized

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Oversized shirts and loose detailed tops paired with flared pants break the rule of keeping an ensemble balanced. But with this standout look, you can keep your outfit breathable and stylish to be worn all day long.

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2. Play With Light Layers

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This original look created by Kritika is not what it seems at first glance. Pairing a light shirt dress with a mesh skirt, the fashionista manages to keep her look classy and covered while being airy and chic at the same time.

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3. Look For Cool Fabrics

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Look for fabrics that are designed to give you extra comfort in the heat. Items like moisture wicking jeans and knotted tops let your skin breathe and keep them safe from the harsh sunlight without being too heavy on you.

POPxo Recommends: Wrangler Cropped Stretchable Jeans (Rs 1,238)

4. Play With Colours And Textures

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Quite often when you are in need to put together an outfit that will keep you under wraps head to toe, it becomes necessary to pick pieces that stand out on their own. mix and match colours and play with textures like pleats and ruffles, you are frankly spoilt for options here. 

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5. Get Creative With The Looks

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Dungaree dresses and crop tops and long tunics paired with light bottoms... there are options to create ensembles with one primary style aided by a simple separate. Raid your closet for articles that may not always be meant for each other, but when paired with each other totally works somehow!

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6. Add Some Ethnic Touches

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Cotton kurtas with pyjamas, tanks tops with palazzos and light ethnic jackets... all of these Indian wear items can be twisted and worn to cover up yet be comfortable in the summer. We hope you have all the summer colours in your wardrobe just for this occasion!

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