These Strange Indian Laws Will Make You Question Everything You Know About Our Constitution

These Strange Indian Laws Will Make You Question Everything You Know About Our Constitution

Laws are made to protect and serve the people of a country. And just like everything else, these laws need constant updating to accommodate the changing times. In our country, there are many archaic laws that have been modified, but some are yet to find attention from our lawmakers. So, we had a bit of fun and rounded up weird Indian laws that, as of April 2018, are still in practice in full capacity. NOTE: This story is not meant to give any legal advice.

1. Got Your Kite Flying Licence Yet?

1 indian laws

Maybe call up your Gujju friends to have a ‘serious talk’ with this one? As per an existing law i.e. the Aircraft Act (1934), a kite or a balloon (defined as ‘aircrafts’) cannot be flown without a license authorising its use, manufacture and maintenance. Any person found to be violating this law is liable for a hefty fine and time in prison.

2. Dance Dance Revolution

They should really ease up on stag entries at pubs because this one can get couple entries in trouble! Prevention of Seditious Meetings Act, 1911 states it is illegal for more than 10 couples to dance together on a dance floor. The intent behind this is to regulate public meetings and any such event should be reported to the District Magistrate or the Commissioner of Police at least three days prior to the event.

3. Inconsistent Drinking Ages

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Unlike most countries in the world, the legal drinking age in India varies. Goa and Sikkim allow you to drink at 18, while many states let you choose your poison at 21. Delhi and Punjab, on the other hand, have increased the legal drinking age to 25! A special mention to places like Gujarat and Lakshadweep, where drinking is illegal altogether. It's no wonder that fathers everywhere have had their drink cabinet raided in ‘creative’ ways for ages!

4. Women Can’t Be Adulterers In India?

Under Section 497 of the Indian Penal Code, a husbands who cheats on his wife can be punished but not consenting woman who cheat on her husband. This archaic law has finally been brought up to be re-examined, but it sure does give us a glimpse of gender inequality in the country.

5. A Delhi Drum Circle To Watch Out For…

5 indian laws

Taking their love for the bhangra a tad too far, the East Punjab Agricultural Pests, Diseases and Noxious Weeds Act 1949 requires you to beat the hell lot of drums in case a swarm of locusts raid your area! Failing this, you can be fined, which may extend to Rs 50, and defaulters can be imprisoned for up to 10 days. We have one question: Is the government handing our free drums cuz’ we need five!

6. Pearly Whites Game Strong

As far as strange laws are concerned, this next one is a total woozy because we just can't figure out who this is targeted to! One of the clauses in the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1914 states that if you want to become an inspector in Andhra Pradesh you need to have well brushed and proper teeth. Yes, TEETH. Go figure!

7. The Accidental ‘Rich’

7 indian laws

Although not that rare, if you find stray money, above Rs 10, without anyone else claiming ownership of it, then you are required to report it to the authorities. According to the Treasure Trove Act of 1878, any treasure you find belongs to the Queen. They really need to alter this law and put in what they mean by ‘treasure’ because I found a pack of unopened gum the other day and am totally confused about what to do with it now!

8. Weird, But Kinda Makes Sense?

Ain’t no middle child memes are coming out Kerala because couples who have a third child in the state can face imprisonment (for the father) and a fine up to Rs 10,000. Even though the law has drawn criticism from pro-life groups, we find this a step forward in the attempts to curb an exploding population. A state with a 100% literacy rate can't be that wrong about something, right?

9.. And Finally, The Section 377

9 indian laws

Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code calls ‘unnatural’ sex a crime, which includes oral or anal sex, even if it's between consenting adults and in private. In an era where not less than 26 countries have legalised same-sex marriage, doling out life sentences for homosexuality in India is so archaic, it's not even to be funny!

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