7 Things You Will Relate To If Your Bestie Is Moving Cities After Her Wedding!

7 Things You Will Relate To If Your Bestie Is Moving Cities After Her Wedding!

Getting your bestie married is a ride full of mixed emotions. While you’re extremely happy and excited for her, there’s this tiny part of you that dreads how your life will change after the bestie says ‘I do’. And more so if she’s moving cities after her wedding! So, if your best friend is getting married and leaving you to move to a new city after her shaadi, then here are some thoughts you will definitely have!

1. “Wo mujhe bhool toh nahi jayegi?!?”

Now that she’ll have a new family, new life and new place to make a home out of, she might get a little less time to talk to you initially, but that doesn’t mean she’ll forget you!

1 bestie moves

2. “Great, now I don’t have a shopping partner anymore!”

Yes, you don’t have a shopping partner in person, but think about how much fun it will be to buy stuff and then try it on and send your bestie pictures of you wearing it? And, you can always make other shopping buddies, come on!

3. “And oh, who will I go out on those girly dates and late night parties with?”

She is the only person you trust to take care of you when you go a little overboard with the vodka shots! But well, you sure do have a lot of other good friends. Plus, you can make up for it the next time she’s in town!

4. “Maybe we could just talk on Skype! That’s almost as good as meeting in person, right?”

Umm, no, not really, but it’s good enough. You will be able to show her all the new things you bought for yourself, you could do those virtual coffee gupshup sessions and just be happy looking at each other.

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5. “In a way, it’s a good thing. Now I’ll be able to travel to her city which will double up as vacation!”

Yes, that is a legit reason to be happy! And if she’s moving to a new country then well, hello wanderlust!

6. “Is this what you call the end of an era?”

*Is it really happening? The moment both of us have been looking forward to but still dreading?* Yes, it’s really happening, and it’s not a bad thing, girlie!

7. “But hey, we’re besties for life… It’s just the beginning of a new era!”

Exactly, it’s the end of one awesome era, and the beginning of another great one, which will include another person too! And then, all of you will become best friends!

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True friendship never fades, come-what-may! Your life will obviously change a bit, but it won’t be bad at all, we promise!

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