Things That Change When Your Bestie Moves Away After Her Shaadi

Things That Change When Your Bestie Moves Away After Her Shaadi
Your bestie getting married is the best thing ever! No wedding will ever, ever be as much fun as your best friend’s! But it’s just a little different if your bestie moves away after wedding. The wedding is still as much fun but there’s also a lot more going on within your heart and mind. It was very hard when my best friend decided to move to Bangalore after her wedding. Here are 9 things you’ll totally get if your bestie too is moving cities after tying the knot.

1. You’re happy but you miss her

You’re happy that she’s found her happily ever after but you miss her tremendously. Life will never be the same without her by your side.

bestie is getting married

2. Instant plans are no more a thing

You can no longer make plans to meet post-work or call her on a lazy Sunday afternoon for a long relaxing brunch.

3. Who’s gonna approve the men in my life?!

You’re so used to making her meet your latest crush or the guy who just asked you out. How will you ever know if he’s the one if your bestie is not around for the final approval!

4. What about our night stays?!

Men, shopping, food are all good but nothing beats a night stay with the bestie. Just doing random things, gossip sessions, playing dress up - night stays are the greatest thing ever. Major missings happening. *sob*

bestie is getting married

5. Sarojini kaun jayega?

Besties are the only ones who agree for a long, tiring (but extremely useful!) trip to Sarojini Nagar and more such crazy shopping. Who is going to accompany me now?

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6. Who’s going to drive me back?

...After the crazy parties?! She was always there to take care of me, get me out of any situation and make me feel safe. She’s the only one I ever trusted. And getting ready together for the parties is another thing altogether!

7. Troubled times

Besties rush to the spot no matter how deep in work they are when you need them. Will there ever be another person I could count on?

bestie is getting married

8. Will our friendship change?

Will our friendship too change with the increasing distance? That’s one question that haunts us the most. She’ll be busy in her new life, we’ll meet less often and what if she meets someone else there just like me? :(

9. But best friends are forever

You do know that things have changed. A lot. But true friendships last forever and even though you both miss each other, you both know there will never be another.

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