11 Kinds Of Boyfriends EVERY Best Friend Hates!

11 Kinds Of Boyfriends EVERY Best Friend Hates!
As happy as we are when our besties get into relationships, it kinda sucks when it turns out that the guy is not someone you feel is right for her. And since you don’t want to hurt her, all too often you’re forced to hold your tongue about what you actually think. It’s not the little things we’re talking about - him not liking the same kind of movies she does and stuff. This is the bigger stuff - wherein he’s actually bad for her. We bring you the kinds of boyfriends every girl hates to see her bestie with...

1. The one who flirts with other people when she isn't around

Because that’s a complete jackass move - and you don’t know how to tell her without breaking her heart.

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2. The one who makes her feel insecure about her looks

She’s a beautiful human being and she’s gorgeous, and he doesn’t tell her that. What is WRONG with him?

3. The one who keeps saying “It's complicated, so we shouldn't put a label on it”

You have often thought about texting him: “Dude, there’s nothing complicated about this - you either love her or you don’t, you either deserve to be with her or don’t - got it?”

4. The one who ALWAYS tags along on girls' night

You’re happy for her and her relationship, but you do miss having her to yourself! And let’s face it - it’s just not the same thing when he’s around ALL the time. How are you supposed to have GIRL talk?!

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5. The one who can't seem to stop having fights with her

It sometimes might be her fault - she’s your bestie, and you know her well enough to know that sometimes she can be a bit...fighty. But what’s wrong with a little apologizing and making up?

6. The one who's not supportive of her career choices

This one’s non-negotiable - you can’t stand a guy who’s not going to stick up for her and be encouraging of all her dreams and ambitions.

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7. The one who keeps her "compartmentalized" from the rest of his life

You feel awful when she tells you how he hasn’t introduced her to his friends and/ or family, and it makes you want to whack him one!

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8. The one who puts his interests above her own - in and out of the bedroom

He’s not willing to make adjustments for her - when it comes to sexual pleasure and/ or other areas of life. You personally feel this is a deal-breaker, and are waiting for the day when she realizes that too.

9. The one who's SO on again and off again that she's constantly confused

Again, either he should be with her because he loves her, or he shouldn’t. You hate that she can’t definitively decide whether she’s single or not, and you just want better for her.

10. The one who tries to make decisions for her

Who the hell does he think he is?

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11. And, worst of all, the one who makes her cry more than he makes her smile

He does not understand that one day you’re going to lose your cool over this one and might just do him some serious injury.

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