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Bride, Besties & Bathrobes: The Photoshoot Trend You Just Can't Miss!

Bride, Besties & Bathrobes: The Photoshoot Trend You Just Can't Miss!

Okay, so it was my dearest friend’s wedding a few weeks back, and I was hands down more excited about it than she was. I had a whole Pinterest board ready, I made sure the decor was rocking and all the functions were chill and not just dragging on. But there is still one regret that I have and that is not taking a cute bride and bestie photograph in our bathrobes while getting ready! Now that I look at all these super cool brides and their girls in their robes, I wish I could go back in time and take one such photograph too! Anyway, I am going to do it at my wedding for sure, and these are the pretty ladies that I’m taking some much-needed inspiration from.

1. Blowing away the wedding blues… in blue!

Colour coordinated bathrobes is such a cute idea! Let the bride be in a different colour though.

2. Pinkity pink love

Given that pink and red are usually associated with the bride, this is almost like a role reversal. The bride in a white robe and all her bridesmaids in pink. But hell yeah, it’s your wedding! You can do whatever you want to do!

3. ‘Coz red is reserved for the bride

Awww… just look at all these beauties all ready with their make-up and jewellery, posing for a photo just minutes before the bridal entry.

4. On top of the world


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It’s not just a happy day for the bride, but her girls too - maybe even more for them. This shot perfectly captures the ‘on-top-of-the-world’ feeling they must be experiencing.

5. Florals are BAE

I am in LOVE with their bathrobes, hands down in love with them. Just look at the super cute print and the colours are oh-so-gorgeous! *I want*

6. Because I’m happyyy...


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When you’re happy and you know it! Nothing like jumping up high in the air in the bridal suite. And just look at the cutie bride posing there in all her glory.

7. Wear a robe and raise a toast

Obviously, what’s a celebration without raising a toast! Here’s cheering for the bride beginning a new journey, and when doing that, let’s just do it in style, yeah?

Featured Image: WeddingNama