Stunning Party Wear Outfit Ideas, That Are Not Dresses!

Stunning Party Wear Outfit Ideas, That Are Not Dresses!

It’s been a festive December, the mercury dropped and so did our inhibitions! I certainly have had a blast this festive season, but scrolling through my Instagram feed has rung the alarm for one crisis situation. The endless posts of me posing in cocktail party wear dresses in different locations. How drab and uninspired, right? It is quite established that trendy dresses are your best bet when getting done up for a fun night out. But this fact can lead to some repetitive looks that beg for a change of scene!

Let us then close 2017 by breaking some fashion rules (or making new ones), shall we? We have collected some awesome celebrity inspired party wear looks that you can rock this holiday season. The only party wear guide you need to ace your next glitzy do, here are 5 party outfits that aren't dresses!

1. A Stunning Pant suit


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Not just an office-girl ensemble, the pant suit made many appearances this year in many different styles. Smart or snazzy, this celebrity style can replace your cocktail dresses for the New Year. The trick to pulling it off at a glam party? Just wear a fancy bralette, slip top or maybe just a camisole, whatever you are comfortable with. An added bonus if you are attending a rooftop event and need a few extra layers to stay cosy this December without spending too much on that warm-your-blood rum!

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2. An Adorable Playsuit


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We love a smart jumpsuit and if you are looking for a low maintenance NYE chic, we have just the thing for you! A contemporary favourite of the jumpsuit is the playsuit, a super cheeky version of the traditional full-length suits. Bordering on smart shorts territory, which is a hot and trendy combination made in heaven, the style is perfect for your holiday parties. What more is that the playsuit opens up so many avenues to play with fun accessories for the night. We love Taapsee’s socks with heels deal, ain’t it just adorable?

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3. A Sultry Separate Set


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Are you a creature of habit and just can’t seem to let go of the sultry silhouette with is afforded by a fitted gown or a bodycon dress? Here is the skirt and top trick you can use, just pair a long fitted skirt with a sexy off shoulder top and you are good to go! We picked Disha Patani’s styling of a bandeau top and lace skirt set which makes her look all kinds of alluring and elegant. Make sure you accessorise with a dainty necklace and wristlet to avoid looking washed out on your top half. Keep your hair up for this one and let those sleek shoulders have their shining moment this year!

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4. A Sequin Skirt


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Can’t talk about parties without a shoutout to our trusty old sequins! A great choice for an itinerary involving much bar hopping, this skirt and style will keep you looking like knockout while raging from one pub to another. Pair your sequins with fab mesh blouses or petite cropped tops to keep the emphasis on your pretty little skirt. Keep your accessories to a minimum since you will already have a lot going on with the shimmery bottoms.

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5. A Statement Blouse

If you have a smart pair of fitted trousers at your disposal, pair it with a statement blouse to create a unique party ensemble. We stumbled upon this look curated by Deepika and frankly can’t wait to recreate it for our next shindig with the office boys! Stylish, modest and easy on the eyes, party wear tops give your formal shift dresses a skip for the work events. This is especially a treat if you are the newbie and need conversations starters, cuz’ boy would people be wondering about that fetching blouse!

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