Starbucks Opens Up Its Biggest Store In China

Isheeta Sharma

Junior Lifestyle Editor

Who doesn't enjoy a nice steaming cup of coffee? Especially on Winter days in December? People in China are definitely in for a treat as Starbucks opened its largest facility in the world, encompassing an area of 30,000 square feet. The Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Shanghai is about to change quite a few things about your coffee experience. Not only is the structure magnificent, it brings to you coffee beans from over 30 countries to be roasted and had on the spot. 

The Shanghai Roastery is twice the size of the only other Starbucks roastery in Seattle. This is a groundbreaking feat in itself. Add to that handmade walnut tiles and a copper flask at the entrance with hand-stamped Chinese inscriptions. 

The store also has three coffee bars with trained baristas to make you the perfect concoction that can make your mornings, afternoons or evenings better. From pour over, Siphon, Clover, Chemex to basically every style of coffee - you'll find it here!

And if that wasn't enough, Alibaba, the e-commerce giant and Starbucks have partnered up to create an app that will take you into a world of augmented-reality where you point your phone to an object in the store and you can find out more about it. Now that is some major change to drinking a cuppa coffee, isn't it?

We can't wait to see when Starbucks launches a similar Roastery in India but until then, remember China is just a flight away!

Featured Image: Quartz

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Published on Dec 07, 2017
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