Wear Oversized Clothes And Look Fabulous (Not Shabby!)

Wear Oversized Clothes And Look Fabulous (Not Shabby!)

Sure it’s really comfortable to wear an oversized sweater to work. But there’s a very fine line between looking well put-together and just out of bed when you’re playing with clothes twice your size. So, what’s the golden trick? Well, there are a few. Here are a few simple tips you must keep in mind while playing dress up with some of the key oversized pieces in your closet.  

1. An oversized sweater

1 oversized clothes

H&M, Knitted Jumper,Rs 3,999. Buy it here

It’s quite tempting to wear an oversized sweater with just about everywhere in the colder months. If done right, it makes for a chic outfit. So, go big on the neckline, the length and the width of the sweater while keeping the sleeve well-fitted. It’ll balance out your overall look.   

2. The oversized denim jacket

2 oversized clothes

Forever 21, Oversized Denim Jacket, Rs 2,799. Buy it here

Experimenting with a denim jacket is all about playing with its structure. The size of its pockets, the boxiness and the length - keep them big! At the same time, style it with feminine basics and high waisted bottoms to make the jacket stand out.

3. The oversized blazer

3 oversized clothes

Zara, Double Breasted Checked Blazer, Rs 5,990. Buy it here

You’ll be surprised how chic this Stella McCartney-approved trend can look. Make sure the shoulders fit you just right while you go big with the lapels, the length of the blazer and its sleeves. Wear it with a plunging neckline and stilettos for a feminine vibe.

4. An oversized shirt

4 oversized clothes

Daisy Street, Oversized Shirt With Binding, Rs 909. Buy it here

We love experimenting with our basic white tees, don’t we? There are absolutely no rules about going big here except one - the shoulders must fit well. Tailored pants and structured skirts go really well with oversized shirts. You can also use a harness belt or a corset belt to add some definition to the shirt.

5. Oversized midi skirts

5 oversized clothes

 Dorothy Perkins, Floral Printed Midi Skirt, Rs 2,084. Buy it here

Midi skirts are the best way to add volume to the lower body. Keep it slightly pleated and well fitted at the waist and you’re good to go. Halter tops complement oversized skirts but you can wear it with a basic tee and throw on a blazer for a casual look.

6. The oversized dress

6 oversized clothes

 Zara, Dress With Funnel Collar, Rs 1,790. Buy it here

Go big on the sleeves, length and pattern while ensuring that the neck and the shoulders of the dress fits to a T. Style it with chunky accessories and tall shoes to make this look work!

7. Oversized jewellery

7 oversized clothes

 Outhouse Jewellery, Noveau Tassel Earrings, Rs 7,850. Buy it here

Steer clear of bold prints to avoid a cluttered overall look. Whether you’re accessorising with a necklace, bold earrings or a statement ring, make sure you’re not wearing anything else that demands equal attention. Keep your clothes slightly low key so the jewellery stands out.