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25+ Suit Neck Designs To Give Your Everyday Garments A Designer Appeal

Customised clothing is a luxury that not everyone can afford. This is not because it is expensive but ‘coz it requires a certain amount of creativity. As a matter of fact, even your local masterji can help you with a gorgeous custom design as long as you have the vision to guide him! Also, not only will this help you with a unique garment but would also serve as a sustainable practice that helps you in supporting local talent. Add natural, handloom fabrics to the equation and voila you are gold baby! Well, just in case you want to make a shift to everything custom-made, might we suggest that you start with baby steps? Suit neck designs are what we have on our mind and here’s a curation of our favourite ones to give you a headstart.

Beautiful Neck Designs For Suits

While it might sound like a trivial detail, the neck design can literally make or break your look. This is why it is important that we always pay due attention to this detail and here are some beautiful neck designs for suits that will never disappoint you.

Queen Anne Neck

Queen Anne Neck- Beautiful Neck Designs For Suits

Classic and gorgeous, this is easily one of the most beautiful neck designs for suits. It would go perfectly with an embellished, party-wear suit.

Classic Collars

Tanya Ghavri

From shirts to Indian wear, collars never disappoint and this simple suit neck design is actually quite striking if you play it right with the sleeves and go for something dramatic.


Narrow U

Tanya Ghavri

This front neck design of suits would be the perfect pick in case you are looking for something unique. While choosing this design, we suggest that you pick a nice lace to highlight the neckline.

Front Neck Designs For Suits

Like to keep it zara hatke? These front suit neck designs are what you need to bookmark ASAP.

Cowl Neck

Cowl Neck – Front Neck Designs For Suits

Every bit chic, this suit neck design would do perfectly with flowy materials like satins, chiffons, and crepe.

Faux Collar

Faux Collar – Front Neck Designs For Suits

In case you want to give your suit a polished meets cute appeal, this neck design would be just right.


Collar Wit V

Collar Wit V – Front Neck Designs For Suits

Again, this is a very polished suit neck design that would go equally well with cotton as well as silk suits.

Suit Back Neck Designs

Got the front design sorted but lost on your suit’s back neck designs? Fret not, we have got you covered.


Matka  – Suit Back Neck Designs

Done in the shape of a water pot, this is one of the most common back neck designs for suits and generally goes well with most of the styles.

Tie On Back 

Tie On Back  – Suit Back Neck Designs

Again a classic, this back design is very chic and goes well with party and festive wear suits.



Tanya Ghavri -Square- Suit Back Neck Designs

If you want to keep it modest for your suit’s back neck design, then you can very well go for a square neck that you can customise as per your comfort.

High Neck

Tanya Ghavri – High Neck -Suit Back Neck Designs

If you aren’t too comfortable with baring your back then a high neck will keep you comfy and confident.

Deep V

Tanya Ghavri Deep V – Suit Back Neck Designs

Equal parts sexy and chic, this back neck design goes well with solid, sturdy fabrics.

Latest Suit Neck Designs

Like to keep it trendy and updated? We have curated these latest suit neck designs just for you.



Tanya Ghavri -Illusion – Latest Suit Neck Designs

If you have an affinity for carefully folded drapes then this majestic suit neck design is the one for you. Pick up a nice self-embroidered or printed fabric, get a net in the same hue as the fabric’s accents, and use it to create a gorgeous, gossamer illusion.


Tanya Ghavri -Assymetric Latest Suit Neck Designs

If you have your bestie’s wedding to attend and plan on wearing an embellished suit then might we recommend an asymmetric neckline that is nicely embellished with hand embroidery?


Tanya Ghavri – Off shoulder Latest Suit Neck Designs

A rather modern take on the suit neck design, this stylish cut would go best with solid, silk fabrics.

Cotton Churidar Neck Designs For Stitching

Cotton churidaars will never go out of style and neither will the classic necks that are associated with them. Here are some cotton churidar neck designs for stitching or getting stitched the comfiest and prettiest suits ever.


Standing Collar

Tanya Ghavri – Standing collar – Cotton Churidar Neck Designs For Stitching

Always classy, always clean, standing collars on a crisp cotton ku Crta is a sight to behold.

Undefined Collars

Tanya Ghavri – Undefined Collars – Cotton Churidar Neck Designs For Stitching

If you want to go for collars while keeping it a little relaxed, undefined collar should be the way to go.

Square Neck Line

Tanya Ghavri – Square Neck Line – Cotton Churidar Neck Designs For Stitching

Another fail-proof design, the square neck works with almost all fabrics and silhouettes.

Punjabi Suit Neck Designs 2022

If you like all things lively and vibrant then our guess is that you are an admirer of Punjabi suits. Well, so are we and here are some Punjabi suit neck designs that will help you capture the vibe just right.



Tanya Ghavri Sweetheart – Punjabi Suit Neck designs 2022

The classic sweetheart is a staple when it comes to Punjabi suit neck designs.

Sweetheart Variation

Tanya Ghavri Sweetheart Variation- Punjabi suit Neck designs

This exaggerated sweetheart neck is absolutely stunning and would go beautifully with embellished suits.

Plunging Neckline

Tanya Ghavri – Plunging Neckline – Punjabi Suit Neck Designs

Go risque with this bold neckline that will automatically accentuate your glamm quotient.

Salwar Suit Neck Designs

Looking for trusty salwar suit neck designs to help your mom get a custom fit? Here are some suggestions that you might like.



Tanya Ghavri – Sabrina – Punjabi Suit Neck Designs

This is as traditional as it is modern and would go especially well with winter suits.


Tanya Ghavri Scoop – Punjabi Suit Neck Designs

This salwar suit neck design is perfect if you don’t want to do away with the glamm factor while choosing a classic silhouette.

Scalloped Neck 

Tanya Ghavri Scalloped Neck – Punjabi Suit Neck Design

A gorgeously detailed neckline, this one would require a skilled tailor to work on.

Banarsi Suit Neck Designs

Banarsi suits are the trusted festival staples that never go out of style and more often not, passed on to the next generation as precious heirlooms. Here are some banarsi suit neck designs that will ensure maximum style without wasting any of the gorgeous woven fabric.


Jewel Neck

Tanya Ghavri Jewel Neck – Banarsi Suit Neck Designs

A Payal Khadwala favourite, this neck ensures that all of your Banarasi fabric is displayed beautifully in its full glory.


Tanya Ghavri Keyhola – Banarsi Suit Neck Designs

This would add a touch of glamm to the otherwise high neck without leading to much wastage.


Tanya Ghavri Banarsi Suit Neck Designs

Boatneck again is a very effective way of ensuring minimal wastage.

Printed Suit Neck Designs

Widely under appreciated, printed suits can be very suave given that you know how to style them right. Here are some printed suit neck designs to prove our point.


Halter Neck

Tanya Ghavri Halter Neck- Printed Suit Neck Designs

This neck looks especially good on printed fabrics when you highlight the neck with solid piping.

High Square

Tanya Ghavri High Square – Printed Suit Neck Designs

This is an equally appealing neckline for printed suits and we recommend that you go for a sleeveless garment just like Shraddha Kapoor.

Staright Across

Tanya Ghavri Straight Across – Printed Suit Neck Designs

This would be the ideal pick in case you want to add some drama to your printed suit set.

Neck Designs For Palazzo Suits

Have you been irrevocably converted to the comforts of palazzo suits since the day you discovered them? We feel you and here are some neck designs for palazzo suits to help you keep it equal parts comfy and stylish.



Tanya Ghavri Surplice – Neck Designs For Palazzo Suits

Surplise or angrakha is the perfect design to go for in case you want an elevated palazzo suit design.


Tanya Ghavri Overlap – Neck Designs For Palazzo Suits

Make sure that the highlight fabric is solid or in contrast to the rest of the kurta while going for this neck design.

Wide V

Tanya Ghavri Wide V- Neck Designs For Palazzo Suits

If you dare to go risque, this wide V neck will be a rather unique choice.

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So fam, all set to make the most of our exhaustive list of ladies’ suit neck designs?

Featured Image: Tanya Ghavri on Instagram

15 Apr 2022

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