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15 Gorgeous Blouse Back Designs To Make You Look Like A *Pataka* Bride!

Manvi Malhotra

Senior Wedding Writer

Are you the ‘shaadi karungi toh Manish Malhotra wale lehenge mein hi karungi’ bride? Or are you the bride who swears by small designers and the good ol’ Chandni chowk lanes? Whichever category you belong to, once your dream lehenga is set, the other thing that becomes the most important is your blouse design. If you want to look stunning in all those peeche kamar wala shots, and those twirling pictures too, then you should really check these out!

1. This is one back design that doesn’t expose too much skin, but still manages to look sexy AF! Perfect for the beautifully poised bride, who knows how to charm everyone with her royal dressing sense! Anita Dongre is a master when it comes to stunning designs and this in particular is one of our our fav!

Yes, the back design looks gorgeous. But isn’t her hair jewellery stunning too? We found this gorgeous gold-toned comb on Amazon for just Rs 250!

2.  Marilyn was right, “Diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend!” So why not incorporate them in your blouse design too! This diamond cut back design shows that Manish Malhotra sure knows how to design clothes that flatter a woman’s body!

3. The master is at work again! Manish Malhotra stuns again with this gorgeous leaf shaped back design on one of his outfits. Although this is a gown, you can easily get a blouse back designed in the same cut, and rest assured, you will look gorgeous!

4. Whoever said simplicity is elegance couldn’t have been more spot on! Simplicity is the most natural form of beauty and this blouse design is just right for the bride who believes in it. Add to it the Sabyasachi touch with some elaborate pom-poms and a gorgeous design is ready!

In love with the stunning royal blue lehenga? Buy a similar one on Amazon for Rs 3,690.

5. It’s your wedding, woman! And you’re allowed to get as crazy and creative as you want. This design is a mix and match between doris, cutworks and embellishments and OMG, is it super gorgeous or what! We love it!


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6. Button down blouses are a major rage nowadays, but you don’t have to stick to the basics. Again, get creative just like this bride did and get some customizations done to the basic design. This way, you can get a bit of a sassy look, without having to expose much!


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Gold-toned mathapattis can never go out of fashion and this pretty bride proved just that! Buy this pretty gold-toned one from Amazon for just Rs 750!

7. We personally love this design a lot! This is again a bit different from button down blouses, but falls in the same family of design. It has hoops attached to each other that look oh so cute! The thing with this kind of blouses is that you have to get a side zip attached to them so that you can put them without any hassles.


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8. What is a blouse without some dori magic, and if it looks like this, then what else can somebody ask for! This overlapping design is so unique and gorgeous! And that single dori exudes such a subtle charm! Just wow!

9. Let the hotness metre soar with a sheer back blouse pattern. You know this design offers dual benefits - it is sexy AF, but at the same time covers your back quite well too! Great for when you want to feel like a supermodel, without showing skin. Which makes it an ideal choice for the bride who is coy, but sassy at the same time!

Crop tops and skirts are just the right combination of modern with traditional. We found a gorgeous cream and maroon set on Amazon for just Rs 589! It’s a steal, ladies!

10. The classic horseshoe design is just so wonderful! The triple dori is quirky yet cute. If you are a lover of everything classy with a twist, pick this blouse back design. It is simple and elegant, but still makes you look and feel pretty!


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11. This design proves that grace is all about simplicity!  You can achieve this look by mixing and matching colours, various kinds of embellishments and embroideries among others. Perfect for when you want to customize according to your taste!

12. Okay, back to classics! This is a basic button down blouse design which is perfect for the regal bride, one who doesn’t want to expose too much. Both pure and raw silk fabric really complement this pattern.


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13.We just can’t get over how pretty this gorgeous blouse with an inverted tear-drop cut and a bow closure is! It’s so different from the usual designs that we see. Totally perfect for the patakha bride, no kidding!


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14. Sheer is sexy, and we know it! But when it comes with this amazing cape styling, and super pretty embellishments, is becomes all the more gorgeous!


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15. We have put this design in the end because this is our favourite! What’s not to love?! The classic cut out design, and a cute bow equals this pretty masterpiece!

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If you loved this lehenga because of it’s colour more than anything else, then you will surely love the one we found on Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop too! It’s  super pretty one in a similar shade of pink and is available for Rs 29,500.

Published on Oct 03, 2017
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