Snapchat Is Set To Put Out A Doritos Filter For App Users

Snapchat Is Set To Put Out A Doritos Filter For App Users

So, let me clean. I don’t know what Snapchat is. I don’t know why it works. I don’t even exist in the same Universe as Snapchat, or its users. But, I know for a fact that people are crazy about the app. They’re constantly on it - taking selfies, recording random videos and sharing it with their followers. Sounds a lot like Instagram, yes.

But, even a snail living under a rock today, .would know the one thing Snapchat is famous for. No, not sending and receiving nudes, you creeps. The filters. It’s the filters, you morons. Repeat after me: Snapchat is known for its filters.

And with every new occasion that presents itself; or a new phone update, the app generates new filters for its users to go crazy on.

This time around, it’s Doritos. Yes, Snapchat is all set to present app users with the Doritos filter. Let that just sink in. So, if you ever wanted to know what you’d look like if you were to turn into a Dorito, then, Saturday, November 04th, 2017, that is, tomorrow would be your day of reckoning.

Doritos, the world’s number one nacho chip brand, has collaborated with Snapchat to bring India’s first snack-based face Lens to the consumers across the country. Capturing the spontaneity of millennial users, Doritos will engage with their audience through this custom Snapchat Lens. This augmented reality experience called The Doritos Snapchat Lens will go live on November 4, 2017 and be available for twenty-four hours.

So, Snapchahtters, get ready to transform into a Dorito on your Snapchat face lens this weekend and then, flood all of social media with pictures of your ‘Dorito’-ed self. Because what else is left in life, anyway?

Oh, while we’re at it. Any takers for Doritos? 

Image Source: Pexels