Bestie Getting Married? 10 AWESOME Birthday Gifts For Her!

Bestie Getting Married? 10 AWESOME Birthday Gifts For Her!
This story was updated in 2019.

Bestie ki Shaadi? And her last single birthday is around the corner?! Girl, you’ve got to make this one special! Gift her something she’ll always and forever remember. And if you’re confused about what that should be, well, we are here for you presenting birthday gift ideas for your bestie. These 10 birthday gifts for your bride-to-be bestie’s birthday are perfect!

10 Birthday Gifts For The Bride To Be

1. A cute and colourful bath set!

1 birthday gifts

Ya ya we know it’s not something people often gift but one look at this super cute and quirky set and we bet you’ll change your mind. A little something to pretty up your bestie’s new bathroom, she’ll love you for this unusual find.

POPxo Recommends: Owl Bathware Set (Rs 1,295), Purrfect Bath Rug (Rs 695)

2. Facial indulgence gift box

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The Forest Essential Facial Indulgence Gift Box is absolutely luxe and contains a honey lemon and rose water face cleanser, a facial toner mist, aloe vera and sandalwood sunscreen, nourishing cream, almond scrub and a lip balm. Just perfect for the bride-to-be’s special day!

POPxo Recommends: Forest Essential Facial Indulgence (Rs 1,875)

3. A shopping gift card!

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Now is that not every girl’s dream?! If your bestie loves ZARA or any other brand, give her a gift card so she can truly indulge in some retail therapy! Trust us, she’ll totally love you for it and the two of you can have a fun girls day out too!

POPxo Recommends: ZARA gift card (Available at ZARA stores nationwide)

4. The little “sexy” black dress

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Every girl needs an awesomesauce black dress in her wardrobe. And it’s even better if it comes from the bestie...because only BFFs know what looks best on each other. This stylish back cold shoulder dress with frills is as good as it gets.

POPxo Recommends: Black Cold Shoulder Dress (Rs 1,695)

5. A hobby class!

5 birthday gifts

Think about it - joining a class together to learn a skill you’ve both always wanted to but never found the time. Well, now is the time! A weekend baking course, chocolate making sessions, 10 days of belly dancing or a makeup workshop. This is the time to reserve a spot for yourself and your BFF.

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6. For the beach bum

6 birthay gifts

Is she hitting the beach for her honeymoon? Surprise her on her birthday with some essential beach goodies like sunscreens, chappals, a hat and of course, a stylish beach cover-up. You can even add a kimono style cover-up that is sure to look fab with her swimwear.

POPxo Recommends: Pink Kimono Coverup (Rs 1,399)

7. Stylish sunglasses

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How hot is this pair of purple-tinted cat-eye sunglasses?! As a bride-to-be, we’re sure your bestie does need fabulous glares for her honeymoon. Save her the time, effort and money and buy her a  stylish pair online!

POPxo Recommends: Purple Cateye Sunglasses (Rs 1,499)

8.  An exotic fragrance

8 birthay gifts

A luxury perfume to last her all through the shaadi madness and running around. Gift her a high-end fragrance for this special “last single” birthday.

POPxo Recommends: Paco Rabanne Lady Million (Rs 3,010)

9. Something in gold?

9 birthay gifts

BFF’s birthday demands a grand gift! Get her a gold pendant that she’ll cherish forever. A beautiful pendant in 22 Kt yellow gold will have her sorted for every occasion. Pick something feminine and delicate that you know she’ll love!

POPxo Recommends: Gold Leaf Pendant (Rs 4,799)

10. The emotional connect

10 birthday gifts

Have you often heard your bestie really really admire something that you own? Why not take this special occasion to show her you really care. Could be your watch, that handbag or the pretty danglers. Buy her a similar one or just give away yours?!

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