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7 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Create From Your Existing Wardrobe!

7 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Create From Your Existing Wardrobe!

Since Halloween is just around the corner, it’s time we discuss the types of ‘Halloweeners’! There is the pro with the elaborate costume, wigs, accessories and the whole shabang! Then comes the diva, an epitome of femininity, Halloween is her time of year to play out her Disney princess fantasy! Then there is you reader, the one who clicked on this because she isn't prepared for the onslaught of Halloween themed events crowding her social calendar!

But girl, fret not! We found some incredible ideas to make your Halloween a success! These outfits are super easy to recreate, need very little accessories and can be put together with items from your existing wardrobe. Excited? Here, take your pick!

1. “A Casual Brunch”


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Get it? This costume will have all the party guests LOL-ing, because it's so on the nose about the whole frenzy around brunches! A tiny bit of prep needed for this is to cut out sunny side up egg shapes from a plain sheet of paper and stick gold glitter on top. Stick ’em on your outfit, carry a glass of boozy screwdriver and you are sorted for the night!

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2. “The Hamburger Campaigner”

Ever wish to become a campaigner but never found a worthy enough cause? Let us give you one - hamburgers! Just pick a quirky colourful outfit from your closet, preferably your cutest ensemble. Fashion out a hamburger placard from a styrofoam sheet and voila! Don't worry about your rusty craft skills, the sloppier the hamburger the more delicious it will look!

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3. “The Millennial Pink”


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Here is your chance to wear an all out, unapologetic and bubblegum pop pink outfit! How do you get away with it? Just call it the ‘Millennial Pink’! Pink separates, pink shoes and pink outwear, we hope you are well stocked up by now?

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4. Creepy Twins From The Shining


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If you are looking for couple costumes with your equally unprepared bestie (no wonder you guys found each other), this is the one to go for. Just find the darkest clothes in your closets, make sure they mirror for both of your (solid black top and black jeans, mostly) and walk around all night asking people to “come play with us.”

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5. Little Agnes From Despicable Me


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Here’s a fun idea, put this costume on and go pop your cheeks at people asking them if they get it! You will need: a pair of casual sneakers, a denim jumpsuit over a striped shirt and a red hair band. Make sure you get the hair right, it's absolutely going to make or break your costume!

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6. Han Solo Chic(k)

Is there anything better than going as one of the coolest characters in movie history! The checklist for this one is super short, a waistcoat over white button-down, black jeans, black boots and a brown belt! It couldn't get easier than this.

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7. ‘On Tour’ Taylor Swift

Whether you are a genuine fan or wish to be ironic, Taylor Swift’s concert look is a great pick for your last minute Halloween costumes. The leggy pop star loves cutesy and adorable garbs for her stage shows. A simple white tee tucked into high waisted booty shorts, a fedora and lace ups shoes is all you will need!

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