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India's First LGBTQ App Is *Almost* Here & This Is How You Can Help!

India's First LGBTQ App Is *Almost* Here & This Is How You Can Help!

How about we tell you, on the risk of sounding like an advertorial, that we finally have the first homegrown platform, made by and for the member of the Indian LGBTQ community!

Excited or confused about what that means? Read on to find out!!

It’s human nature to see things in black and white and anything that does not fit our idea of normal is shunned and ousted from the society. That is what has happened with the ‘others’ for so long. The gays, bisexuals, transgenders - you’ve been bullied, subjected to ridicule and isolated. But all that’s about to change now, thanks to Delta!


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What Is Delta?

Made by and for the Indian LGBTQ community, Delta is a platform for the community to connect with real people, build safe spaces for people to talk and to provide support and resources to each other.

The best part though? It’s totally safe and secure, since safety is one of the primary concerns of the community. You’ll be thoroughly vetted before you can join. Not just that, there is a huge bank of resources and information you can access including coming out queries and events of interest.


Help build India's first LGBT Community & Networking App

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How Can You Help?

So you want to help? It’s super simple! Since they are crowdsourcing, you can fund their campaign on here and help them raise the amount they need. They’ve already raised more than 25% of the funds but more support never hurt anybody. From names like Blue Tokai, Kama Ayurveda, Urban Clap and the Lalit Group, they’re surely heading in the right direction.

Rahul Bose has also extended his support to the initiative by hosting a fundraiser. In his words “It is everybody's desire to live in a world that is collaborative, warm, encouraging and safe. Online communities must reflect those goals. Delta has understood this at a very serious and deep level. They deserve all the encouragement we can give them.”

Ishaan Sethi, the Co-Founder of Delta also spoke to us and said “LGBTQ allies have long played a critical role in driving LGBTQ inclusion & we've seen the same with our crowdfunding campaign. In addition to members of the community, countless allies have come forward as donors to the campaign & even as reward providers for those who contribute. Allies such as these & Rahul (Bose) are imperative to driving LGBTQ inclusion & removing tags that identify members of the community as ‘the other’.” proving just how much faith he has in the allies (basically us) and his project!

You can also show your support in kind on Thunderclap by giving them a loving shoutout.

It’s time we embraced the ‘others’ as ‘us’ and moved towards a more loving and tolerant society!

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