8 Things About Tampons You Wish You’d Known Sooner

8 Things About Tampons You Wish You’d Known Sooner

Let’s start with a little confession - I was very intimidated by tampons when I was a teenager and to be honest not much changed until last year. In my defence, there are a lot of rumours that do the rounds with regards to this product, and I know a lot of women just like me feel this way. Right? Although they seem simple enough, there are a few myths associated with tampons. So, we thought of clearing them so that you know you have a good choice out there.  Read on to know more!

Myth 1 - You lose your virginity if you use a tampon

This is the most common misconception that most women have. You lose your virginity when you have sex. As far as breaking of the hymen is concerned, it is made up of an elastic tissue that covers your vagina and can break due to different physical activities like gymming or even riding a bicycle. So, clearly there is no reason for you to worry here, ladies!

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Myth 2 - Your tampons can fall off while you’re walking

Your vagina has tight walls that holds the tampons, so, if rightly used, it is impossible for it to just slip out. The new Sofy tampon comes with an applicator which will make it super easy to insert. It also takes a V shape which makes the removal easier . Hence, you will never go wrong with using them anyway!

Myth 3 - Tampons get lost in you

There is no place for tampons to get lost in your vagina because it’s not like a mansion in there, ladies. Your cervix is too small for it to enter and the walls of your vagina hold the tampon in place. It’s a blessing in disguise if the tampon is shaped in a way that it’s effortlessly comfortable. Just like the Sofy tampon. *Phew*

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Myth 4 - Tampons cause infections

There is no way for tampons to cause any infection unless they are left on for too long. Which is why it is best to change them after every four hours depending on your flow. At stretch can be used for maximum 8 hours. Taking care of your lady parts will prevent any sort of infections to begin with.

Myth 5 - You can’t wear tampons while sleeping

It is absolutely safe to wear a tampon while you’re sleeping. You will not only be comfortable but will also steer clear of any stains that follow in the morning. With the Sofy tampon, you can comfortably sleep and you don't have to worry about anything at all. Although it is advisable to change tampon before 8 hours so, make sure you keep that in mind.

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Myth 6 - You can feel the tampon inside you

If it’s correctly inserted, a tampon will not bother you at all. In fact you might even forget that you’re wearing one after sometime. It’s that comfortable since it is placed in a sensation free area of your vagina!

Myth 7 - You can’t wear tampons in water

This is in fact the best thing about tampons. You can take a plunge in the the pool without even worrying about anything at all. So, don’t let your period get in the way of meeting that cutie at a pool party! #Embracethenew

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Myth 8 - Tampons give you TSS

TSS or the Toxic Shock Syndrome is an infection that does not happen ‘because’ of using tampons. It can only happen if you leave them on for too long and there’s a reaction. Make sure you change your tampons often to avoid any form of infection to begin with!

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