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5 New Colour Combinations To Freshen Up Your Closet!

5 New Colour Combinations To Freshen Up Your Closet!

Including the right colours in your outfit could make or break your look. It’s easy to wear black and neutral shades everyday, but why not move away from this and try something new? Try these new colour combinations to give your closet a *fresh* new life!

1. Complementary Colours Revamped

Complementary colours are those which lie across each other on the colour wheel! The classic red and blue has been there for a while, but it just got a brand new update and we love it! Red paired with shades of denim is the new ‘IT’ colour combo to try.

2. Pastel Hues

Pastel shades have taken the runway by storm and they’re not disappearing anytime soon! When you see the cornflower blue (pastel blue) and blush (baby pink) combination, it’s sure to make it to your lust list!

3. Is Orange The New Black?


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Nothing lifts up an all black outfit more than a vibrant, bold colour like orange. Styling these two colours together is experimental and statement-y. If you’re in the mood to try something more out there, you can style a black top with orange pants as well!

4. The Versatile Choice

Lavender and grey is a colour combination you can use all year round! There are no limitations to how you can style these colours. From grey pants with a mauve top to a grey dress with a mauve trench coat, it’ll all look just as good! This duo also makes for a lovely Indian wear colour combination.

5. Opposites Attract?

If you love experimenting with colour, this one’s just for you! The freshness of teal blue comes together with amber to create this fresh new look… that we can’t get enough of. Slay the colour combination in a teal pant suit paired with an amber bralette!  

Published on Aug 5, 2017
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