Unhealthy food cravings? These tips are PERFECT for you!

Unhealthy food cravings? These tips are PERFECT for you!

During your periods, it is common to indulge in some unhealthy snacking, which often leads to bloating, acne or even lethargy. These ways to get over your food cravings is apt at any time of the day!

Let’s just say it out loud - PMS is real. So are those food cravings during periods. We often find ourselves wanting to hog on an ice-cream bucket just a few minutes after dinner, don’t we? Well, ladies, here are 10 ways you can actually control your unhealthy food cravings during periods.

1. Eat high quality fats with your food

High quality fats like butter from nuts or olive oil are actually very filling. Since they aren’t outrightly unhealthy, they  prove to be quite good for the heart. When you include them in your diet, your food cravings decrease automatically.

2. Go for dark chocolate

2 unhealthy period cravings

Don’t say no to chocolate altogether. Instead, go for a healthier version, that is, dark chocolate. It will curb your sweet food cravings and not harm your body every month.

3. Keep snacking!

It’s not a good idea to have a large time gap between your meals even on an everyday routine. Staying hungry is an important reason why you end up craving more in the end. So make sure you are snacking every 2-3 hours.

4. Get enough sleep

4 unhealthy period cravings

If you don’t sleep enough there are certain fluctuations in your appetite that can lead to lack of control when it comes to food and more cravings.

5. Opt for calcium rich food

During menstruation, a woman’s body experiences low levels of calcium, which is why you crave things like ice-cream. It’s a good idea to go for calcium-rich foods like yogurt or broccoli so your body gets the right amount of calcium that it loses.

6. De-stress your body

6 unhealthy period cravings

Your body is going through tons of hormonal ups and downs when you are on your period. That, along with all the exterior reasons like work and deadlines, puts your body under a lot of stress. Take time to de-stress through some meditation or calming teas because stress only induces more cravings.

7. Stay hydrated!

Not drinking enough water is a huge mistake we often tend to make on our periods. However, drinking water before meals can actually reduce your cravings to a large extent.

8. Keep a regular intake of natural sugar

8 unhealthy period cravings

Your body is just craving sugar, it doesn’t care whether it’s processed or natural. Snack on fruits or berries to get the maximum amount of natural sugar in your body.

9. Go for little portions

Even if you can’t control your food craving, you can definitely control how much you eat. Go for little portions instead of eating until your pants feel too tight! You can eat these little portions after short time periods throughout the day - it is much better than hogging in a single serving.

10. Bring in exercise in your routine

10 unhealthy period cravings

Exercising is important not because it directly affects your cravings but because it reduces your overall body stress and aligns it to be more receptive to healthy eating.

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