#200RupeesNote: 7 Hilarious Tweets That You HAVE To Read Now! | POPxo

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#200RupeesNote: 7 Hilarious Tweets That You HAVE To Read Right Now!

#200RupeesNote: 7 Hilarious Tweets That You HAVE To Read Right Now!

The new Rs. 200 note was announced as a tender bill yesterday and it will be in circulation starting today. Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) is issuing this saffron coloured currency bill to act as a missing link between a big denomination Rs. 2000 note and smaller denominations such as Rs. 100, 50, 20 and 10 note. And as always, Twitter has the most hilarious take on it, don’t believe us? See for yourself.

1. We are laughing our hearts out!

1 200 rupees note

Image: POPxoDaily on Twitter

2. At least it’s brighter than our future…

2 200 rupees note

Image: Nishu Verma on Twitter

3. Are you listening RBI?

3 200 rupees note

Image: Apple Jack on Twitter

4. Yeah, literally!

4 200 rupees note

Image: Supriya on Twitter

5. Hahaha…

5 200 rupees note

Image: DarkerKnight on Twitter

6. Duh!

6 200 rupees note

Image: Hussain Nagri on Twitter

7. That’ll happen!

7 200 rupees note

Image: B.J.V.R on Twitter

Well, at least making cash payments in small denominations would be easier now!

Published on Aug 25, 2017
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