10 'Texting Rules' To Break... Once He's Your Fiance!

10 'Texting Rules' To Break... Once He's Your Fiance!

If you are engaged to be married, this is the most exciting time in your life, relationship-wise! You’re getting to know him, he’s getting to know you – it’s all just so hopelessly romantic! So during this particular time frame you really don’t need to adhere to any rules, as far as texting is concerned. Go on, these are the texting rules to break. ‘Coz he’s officially your fiancé, ab kya rules? Correct, no?

1. You can be the first to message him…

1 texting rules to break - selena gomez texting

Even if you said goodnight last. This is the guy you’re going to be spending your life with – no need to keep count of petty things like ‘I messaged you first’.

2. You can use SMS lingo

Even though we usually condone SMS lingo (tlking lyk dis) we all know that secretly we all do it sometimes; especially when in a hurry. Now you don’t need to be on best behavior with him. He can see your quick-typing side!

3. You can send a follow up text!

3 texting rules to break - good point

Now generally sending someone back to back texts is a complete no-no in our books! But with work and a dozen commitments of his own, he *is* going to forget to reply to your text about checking the honeymoon itinerary. So in true wife-to-be fashion, a nagging text is totally allowed!

4. Don’t worry too much about his schedule.

If it’s a wedding related task or a general kissy face emoji, send it whenever you feel like. There’s no fixed schedule for such things!

5. You can overuse your emojis

5 texting rules to break - girl texting gun emoji

You can use everything from the poop emoji to the beer emoji, no need to overthink it. And if you are the romantic kind, be liberal with those hearts. He is, after all, the love of your life!

6. You can send a long, long text.

Once you’re in the courtship phase of life, you’ll find that there’s very less time and more and more things to communicate. Sometimes a long text is the need of the hour. So even if it reads like a novel, send it anyway. Over communication is better than under communication in our books!

7. Type in All Caps if it makes you happy!

7 texting rules to break - excited girl

A general rule to follow in texting would have to be avoiding all caps. It’s annoying to read and can be misconstrued as anger. But if your excitement is getting the better of you and he just told you something exciting – for instance, the honeymoon is booked – go crazy in all caps. We’ll allow it.

8. Share those screenshots.

This guy is about to be your life partner. Of course he’s going to be privy to many, many conversations in your life. Ease him into it by sharing screenshots via Whatsapp – you know you want to!

9. Reply to his text with a call

9 texting rules to break - zoey deschanel texting

Normally when someone is texting you, you ought to text back. But in this case, if you feel like calling him right away or you feel the conversation is more of a phone conversation, then please call. This is also a nice way for both of you to decipher and decide the norms of your relationship in the future.

10. Don’t censor your own texts!

Gone are the days when you need to read and re-read what you're sending him to make sure it sounds okay! Be honest, open, and casual in your communication. He’s bound to love you for exactly who you are despite the messed up auto-correct language.

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