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Loose T-shirt + Tailor Bhaiya = Super. Sexy. Dress!

Loose T-shirt + Tailor Bhaiya = Super. Sexy. Dress!

Okay! So, this happened when I was in Mumbai for my post graduate studies (ah! The good old days). It was an everyday thing for me and my roomies to go and laze around in Colaba Causeway. For the uninitiated, it’s the Sarojini of Mumbai. And lucky as I was, it was a 10-minute walk from where I lived.

So, on one such window shopping spree, I came across this super cool and comfy looking t-shirt hanging outside a shack. I pulled it out, flipped it around and voila! What do I see? The t-shirt had a very sexy back design. And, let me tell you. I have a thing for stuff with sexy backs, so naturally I was overjoyed...

...but, as luck would have it, the t-shirt was at least three times bigger than what would ideally fit me. And just as I thought of buying it anyway, the *mom screaming* alert started going off in my mind. ‘Why do you always keep buying useless things all the time!’ is one of her favourite dialogues btw. I tried thinking of ways to style the t-shirt, but nothing clicked at that point.

 3-style a tshirt-sexy dress

So, my very nice friend who was with me decided to buy it for herself, for Rs 150 (yes, only!). We reached home and I was a bit sad. On the other hand, she was extremely happy and started trying out everything we had bought. And then something funny happened. The t-shirt did not fit her; it was too tight. That is when the wheels in my brain started churning, and I got an idea about how I could style it. I took the lovely piece of cloth (that was going to be mine soon) and ran down to the tailor at the end of the block. I asked him to take my measurements and do the fitting right away!

2-style a tshirt-sexy dress

I didn’t really set my hopes high because obviously I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but OMG! It was the best thing that could have happened to me (okay, a little bit of exaggeration here, but you get the point, right?). It fit perfectly well. The back design was in place and looking wonderful. So, this is how I got a casual, but very chic dress ready for just Rs 170.

1-style a tshirt-sexy dress

The best part about this outfit is that I can wear it anywhere. To work, for a casual outing with friends, or even a date. It’s just a matter of how I style it!

This one experience just opened a gate for me to experience with my clothes, which is so much fun, if you ask me! So, the next time you go shopping and like something that is too big (or too small) for you, just try and come up with a cool way you could still fit into it, and who knows, you might end up with a masterpiece like mine. Happy styling, girlies!