#FashionDiaries: I Went Commando Under My Bodycon Dress And…

#FashionDiaries: I Went Commando Under My Bodycon Dress And…

Let me just state right away that I personally don’t like bodycon dresses. Call it a thunder thigh problem but they have always been annoying to wear for me. So how did I end up wearing one? Well, we were in college back then and I was chilling at my friend’s place after classes. One of our other friend’s happened to drop by at that time with a plan to go clubbing!

In college, you hardly ever say no to a clubbing plan, right? So we agreed to go. I informed my parents that I would be crashing at my friend’s place. The problem, however, was that I had nothing to wear and my friend and I are completely different sizes.

After rummaging in her wardrobe and trying on lots of different dresses, we finally found one which fit nicely. It was this black bodycon dress and to be honest, I quite liked the look of it. If only our troubles stopped there! One of the biggest issues with bodycon dresses is that you need to wear the right seamless underwear or you’ll be dealing with super visible pantylines, which is pretty embarrassing. But it being just a regular college day, I wasn’t wearing seamless undies. My friend offered to lend me hers until we both looked at each other and went ‘EW!’

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On a desperate day, I could borrow a friend’s washed bra but underwear? Never! Now we had two options - either I step out and buy a seamless pair of panties before we head out or I could go commando. I looked at my wallet which had a measly Rs 500 note and some change. This was only going to just about cover the club’s cover charge!

‘Well’, I declared to my friend, ‘Now I only have one option then!’

So I went commando under my bodycon dress.

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There have been moments, when I am home alone, that I have gone commando under my PJs but never under a dress. I was, obviously, a little fidgety. But as our friend drove us to the club, I got more comfortable, to the point that by the time we reached, I had completely forgotten that I was not wearing any undies.

Let me just say it out loud, it’s a super liberating feeling. Not only did the dress not feel as tight as it would have with underwear on, I could just spread my legs a little and feel all the cool air of the club. Which is exactly what I did, after two hours of dancing when my group of friends finally sat down.

It was all fun and games until my friend quietly came, sat down next to me and whispered in my ear, ‘Dude, I am cool with it but everyone else can see everything too!’ I jumped up as soon as she said this and closed my legs. Thankfully, all my guy friends are proper gentlemen and none of them said anything, but I felt super awkward for the next few hours. I only stopped when I finally thought ‘What’s the point of being embarrassed? Let’s just dance it out instead!’

Lesson learned, though, if you are going commando under a dress, please don’t forget about it!

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