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How To Dress For Summer Season Without Showing Too Much Skin?

How To Dress For Summer Season Without Showing Too Much Skin?

Sure, with the scorching heat, it’s only natural that the fashion world’s focus will be on minimal clothing to stay cool. So all you see everywhere are shorty shorts and tiny tops. But what if you aren’t comfortable with flaunting so much thigh or a large portion of your midriff? Believe it or not, but it is possible to dress a bit more modest and stay fashionably cool, even when it’s over 35 degrees outside! Here’s how to dress without showing too much skin.

Learn How To Dress For Summer Season Without Revealing Too Much Skin 

Here we give you a few fabulous tips and ideas on how to dress for summer without showing skin too much. If you aren’t into a lot of skin show, you’ve come to the right place, girls!

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1. Stock Up On Pretty Cover-Ups

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Image: Parineeti Chopra on Instagram

From oversized shirts to floaty kimonos that are so stylish, throw them onto whatever you wear to help you feel more comfortable and a bit more covered up. Plus, it’ll definitely add that extra something to your outfit, making you look fabulously on-point.

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2. Pick Your Favourite Asset

Whether it’s your arms you love or you're proud of your back or know you have killer legs, pick one asset that you’re comfortable flaunting and let that be the focus of your summer ensembles. Think about it and shop according to what you can bear to bare!

3. Embrace The Midi

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As much as we love maxi skirts and dresses, there’s no denying that tea-length hemlines have certainly grown on us of late. Plus, they aren’t going out of style anytime soon. The great part about midi skirts is that they’ll cover up those thighs and knees, keeping you comfortable and trendy. Just make sure they end at a flattering length - a skirt that stops in the middle of the calf can possibly make you look wider. Ankle-length, or just above it have a more slimming effect.

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4. Just Put On Some Pants

You may think this is obvious, but no, don’t torture yourself in skinny jeans in this sweaty weather. Instead, look for chic palazzo pants that are super airy and comfy. They can be worn with anything from crop tops to kurtas! Chic culottes, linen trousers, and cotton cropped pants are also super picks for when you don’t want to show off your legs but can still stay cool. When it comes to denim, stay clear of skinny fits and opt for boyfriend and mom styles instead. Stay comfortably chic all season long!

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5. Time To Go Sheer!

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Image: Kriti Sanon On Instagram

Sheer is everywhere, so this won’t be too tough to do. Embrace the trend, not only because it’s gorgeous and on-point but it’s great for someone who doesn’t want to reveal too much. Yes, it may be see-through but it can still manage to hide imperfections much better than when you go bare. Plus, you can pick tops and dresses with strategically placed sheer panels according to what you’re comfortable showing off a bit.

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6. Go Long On Top

If you do want to wear your traditional pants and jeans, then at least stay cool on top. Breezy, loungy tops and tunics are breathable and will not only balance out the proportions of your ensemble but also your body temperature. Get them in pretty colours, prints, and cuts to brighten up your summer wardrobe.

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7. Don’t Ignore The Crop Top

7 what to wear during summer

Crop tops really are the darling of the fashion world and believe us when we say that anyone can wear them, no matter what your body type. It’s all about the art of balancing out the look. Pair it with high-waist bottoms to ensure you’re not showing off too much tummy, just a tad bit at the tiniest part of your waist. You can also try boxy styles, there’s no rule that crop tops must be super fitted, so don’t worry. By wearing it with pants or midi/maxi skirts you can make sure you’re not showing off a lot of skin - just the right amount!

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8. Layer Like A Boss

No, you don’t have to wait for winter to put those layering skills to good use. Anything that is light in material and colourful can be used to layer and cover up! Wear a white tee under a bright, breezy spaghetti top on days you don’t want to flaunt too much skin. Slip dresses are all the rage at the moment and they look fantastic when layered over a simple t-shirt. You can even wear a colorful crop top and throw on a sheer shirt on top of it if it’ll make you feel better. As long as you don’t layer too many dark colours, you should be totally fine.

9. Just Slit It!

9 what to wear during summer

One sneaky but fabulous way of showing just the right amount of skin is with fun slits in flowy long skirts and dresses. This helps you show just a bit of leg, but not too much! Plus, you can balance the look when you have a thigh-high slit with a high-neck top so you’re not revealing a lot. Smart, eh?

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10. Draw Attention Elsewhere

If nothing else, you can always just try the oldest trick in the book of diverting attention. Draw attention away from your legs, arms or anywhere else with super bright lipstick, a funky stole, a fun hat or a dramatic necklace.

11. Go For Jumpsuits

In summers one should wear clothes that are breathable and not too tight, so whether going for tight jeans, go for jumpsuits that look so chic and are super comfortable at the same time. The best part about adorning a jumpsuit is that it does not expose too much skin and looks really trendy.

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12. Cold Shoulder Tee 

SHEIN Waffle Knit Cold Shoulder T-shirt

We all love wearing comfy clothes and a t-shirt is something that we all have in our wardrobe. But if you want to look stylish and does not want to reveal too much skin at the same time, then you can surely go for a cold-shoulder tee that looks chic and is comfy as well.

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So, this is how you can dress for summers without showing too much skin.

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