10 Ways To Turn Him On… Using Your Body Language!

10 Ways To Turn Him On… Using Your Body Language!

We all want to find effortless ways of turning him on. So forget sexting or physically arousing your man when you can do wonders to him with just your body language. Not many of us may know but these body language signs are actually the unsung heroes of the dating game. Here are a few body language tricks that will surely turn him on to when you least expected it to happen!

1. Smile often when you talk to him

You know just as they say, smile is that one curve that sets everything straight. When you talk to him and nod at the things he says... Smile and show him that you’re interested. This will give him the hint that you want him a little more!

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2. Look at him with love in your eyes

See, now trust us when we say this that everything starts with the eyes. Make frequent eye contact. Be it when you’re talking to him or when he’s telling you something important. When you look someone in the eye, it shows them you’re interested. Look into his eyes for a few seconds and then look away. Maybe the next time you catch him looking at you, first!

3. Purse your lips

This one’s subtle and will definitely turn him on instantly. Bite or nibble your lower lip while talking to him and he will surely get the hint. Don’t overdo it though, because you want to keep it classy but still let him know!

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4. Be attentive

Guys like women who respond to them and are active especially when they’re having a one on one conversation. No one gets attracted to a girl who is in her own world. So, if you want to get his attention even in a sexual way, show him that you are attentive by leaning in as he talks and giving an occasional nod!

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5. Touch him while talking

Gently place your hand on his thigh or arm and make him feel like you’re physically comfortable with him. He will respond the same way and will be physically comfortable with you too! You don’t have to go overboard with it; even the slightest touch is enough to get his pulse racing.

6. Be a good listener

He should know that you’re listening to him. Pay attention to what he says and don’t always jump the gun while talking. You can turn him on in no time, if you have his attention! He will obviously love that you’re giving him a listening ear when he’s telling you a story.

7. Let that voice tell him everything

It’s possible to modulate your voice according to the mood, you know? Show him that slightly sultry voice to express your naughty feelings to him. Speak in that sexy tone you have and pass a dirty joke or two for him to get what you’re hinting at!

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8. Play with your hair

Men love when women play with their hair. Be it twisting your pony or just touching your hair every now and then. So once in awhile, twirl your hair while talking to him and push it at the back of your ear. Men find long hair very sexy and women playing with it is just 10x better!

9. Whisper and tell!

The whole idea is to get your lips close to his ear to turn him on even if it’s something very casual that you guys are talking about. Lean in to tell him something, anything really and see him react the same way, instantly!

10. Correct your posture

The way you sit or stand says so much about your personality. Men like women with a strong personality and needless to say, it turns them on. Don’t slouch when you talk to him and talk to him in a confident manner. Even when you lean towards him, lean in a manner that it catches his attention.

10 body language tricks

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