10 Things To Remember If You Ever Worry About Being Single!

10 Things To Remember If You Ever Worry About Being Single!
The way we humans are conditioned, we are never truly happy with who we are and where we are. We are constantly chasing the next big thing, even when it comes to relationships. But it is okay to live in the moment and just let things be. Here are 10 things you need to remember if you are worried about being single.

1. It is not the end of the world

And in your heart, you know it isn’t. It is just a phase and you can’t possibly spend a better part of your days lamenting and looking out for love. Trust us, the best things happen when you are not even expecting them to. 1 worried about being single

2. Being single has its own perks

You don’t have to depend on anyone to make plans, just take off wherever it is that you want to go. You don’t have to share your bed and personal space with anyone, and the best part? That three-course Chinese takeout that you just ordered? It’s all yours.

3. The whole world is your oyster

All those handsome guys at the pub that you frequent, you could be dancing with any (or multiple) of them, without a single chip on your shoulder. You are single, allow yourself to have some fun! 3 worried about being single

4. That you actually love spending time with yourself

After a long day at work, you like catching up on your TV shows, the book you have been reading. It helps you unwind and relax and you wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

5. It is okay to have bad days

Somedays the hustle is going to feel extra hard and you will really miss spending time with a special person. But be patient and kind to yourself. Acknowledge your shortcomings because you know there is always light at the end of the tunnel.
5 worried about being single

6. Love can’t be forced

You might be in this heady phase of dating, where you are meeting a couple of guys every other week. Don’t dismiss a genuine spark or connection with someone but don’t push yourself to reciprocate someone’s attention if you don’t find yourself attracted to that person.

7. Being single is way better than being in an unhappy relationship  

Should someone propose you, don’t compromise on your expectations from a relationship. You want someone who’d fight for you, who’ll respect and adore you, just as you are. Don’t settle for less when you know what you are capable of giving and what you deserve in a relationship. 7 worried about being single

8. You are still loved

This is not a pity-party analogy but being single is not synonymous to not being loved. Your friends and family love you to bits and are always there for you, come what may.

9. A relationship will not fix your problems

Life is a constant work in progress and being in a relationship is not the cure to all the things that you might be struggling with at the moment. Feeling down and lonely, shouldn’t be what pushes you to commit to someone. Your relationship status won’t make your problems magically disappear. 9 worried about being single

10. Another person won’t complete you

At the end of the day, you understand yourself better than anyone else. So if you are considerate of your temperament and your shortcomings, you’ll be more aware of what you would want in a partner - and he doesn’t need to complete your life, he just needs to be there to make it a tad bit better!
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