Dear Men, 10 Things A Girl Does NOT Mean When She Says ‘No’

Dear Men, 10 Things A Girl Does NOT Mean When She Says ‘No’
Amitabh Bachchan in Pink did an amazing job of explaining to men that when a girl says no, she means no. Funnily enough, people still missed the point. Here are a few things women DO NOT mean when they say no...

1. Yes.

No means no. Simple. Don’t believe people when they say that girls don’t know what they want. We know. 1 things women do not mean when they say no

2. Bombard me with messages.

Do not text a girl constantly on Facebook or Whatsapp once she has said no. You’re not helping your case. In fact, you’re making it worse. So stop it right now!

3. Buy me a gift.

A girl’s no isn’t a way for her to reap benefits from you. She doesn’t want you to take her out or spend money on her before she says yes. She’s not testing your financial prowess. She’s just not interested. 3 things women do not mean when they say no

4. I'm not impressed, woo me better.

When a women says no, men somehow convince themselves that maybe their wooing techniques weren’t good enough. Don’t take it as a blow to your self respect, my friend. It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the girl’s choice.

5. Force yourself on me.

Most importantly, no girl wants you to force yourself on her when she says no. Admitted that women might like strong men but we like men with mental strength more than physical strength. If we say no and you interpret that as ‘please molest me’, your game is weak and there is something seriously wrong with you. Back. OFF! 5 things women do not mean when they say no

6. I like somebody else.

If she says no to you, it does not mean that she is interested in someone else. She could very well be single and enjoying her life. A girl does not always need to be with a guy or thinking of one to say no to you.

7. Stalk me.

Not a single woman is secretly wishing that a guy would stalk her once she has said no to him. This is real life, not R Rajkumar, where the girl wants the guy to constantly follow her and even drool over her slaps. Don’t do it guys, it just wastes everyone’s time.
7 things women do not mean when they say no

8. Maybe, let me think about it.

A no never means maybe. It doesn’t mean, ‘I’m not convinced right now, maybe if I could go home and think about it, I would say yes.’ We made up our mind a second before that no left our mouth.

9. Keep asking me, I'll change my mind.

If a girl has said no, be sure she’ll keep saying no irrespective of the number of times you ask her. So don’t think that you can harass her into changing her decision. That only works in Bollywood movies. 9 things women do not mean when they say no

10. Make me jealous.

When a girl says no and you start flirting with her friends just to get her attention, you immediately get promoted to the ‘creep’ category. Be dignified enough to know this never works. GIFs: Giphy