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11 AMAZING Things You Did Not Know About The Pisces Girl!

11 AMAZING Things You Did Not Know About The Pisces Girl!

You’d be surprised how much your zodiac sign can actually speak about your personality. Your likes, dislikes and the way you handle life... This month being the month of the Pisces girl, we’ve got 11 amazing facts that you definitely did not know about her… But totally should!

1. They love being in love

Pisces girls love the idea of love. They are romantics by nature and want all the extravagant gestures and glorious fantasies to come trues. They love slowly and carefully but with all their heart and soul!

2. They are people pleasers

And there is nothing wrong with that! They love doing things for people. Always more on the giving side than taking, you will find the Pisces woman constantly trying to make life easier for others.
2 pisces girl

3. They are great listeners

If you want a shoulder to cry on then go ahead and befriend a Pisces girl. No matter what, they’ll always be around to hear your troubles and pass you those tissues when no one else will.

4. They are always giving helpful advice

If that’s not enough, Pisces women are always giving helpful and practical advice. They don't preach though - they tell you exactly what you can do to feel better. This might come off as a little blunt sometimes but if you know them, you know they only mean well. 4 pisces girl

5. They are generous in relationships

Be it a friendship or with their lovers, the Pisces woman will always be generous. She will give all her love, loyalty and dedication to the people in her life.

6. They are great at adapting to new situations

The Pisces girl is great at handling new situations in life. She adapts and does it gracefully! That is the reason she is often seen as the friendly and chirpy one.
6 pisces girl

7. They are mysterious beings

There is a mysterious aura around the pisces woman that you just can’t avoid. You think you have her all figured out when she goes ahead and changes the game altogether. Mostly, it’s not intentional - she just can’t help being mysterious!

8. They have a strong intuition

All women do, but the Pisces girl has an exceptionally strong one. So the next time your Pisces friend advises you against something, listen to her because the force is definitely strong with this sign! 8 pisces girl

9. They are extremely sensitive

They may seem like really strong, undeterred women but in reality, a Pisces woman is quite sensitive too. If you are close to her, she will often find herself feeling hurt about things that you have said or done unconsciously. All you need to do, however, is explain your side to her soothingly and she’ll bounce right back!

10. They are dreamers by nature

They believe in all things good. So much so that seeing life through their rosy coloured glasses can actually work against them. That said, it is also what keeps people intrigued about the Pisces girl - her sense of individuality and creative freedom.
10 pisces girl

11. They are easygoing

On a day to day basis, the Pisces girl is rather relaxed and easygoing. She doesn’t rush about like the rest of the world. Instead, she takes her time to figure out her life and even everyday mundane activities. GIFs: Giphy
Published on Mar 6, 2017
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