9 Reasons Why We Love Pisces Women!

9 Reasons Why We Love Pisces Women!
There are all kinds of people who make up the world. But a Piscean woman always stands out! She is mysterious and lives in her own world. While the rest of the herd looks in one direction, a Piscean girl will flow gracefully in the direction that she wants to. Ruled by water, here are some of the reasons why Piscean women are just awesome.

1. She's sensual and spiritual

She’s not the one to be floored by momentary pleasures! When the Piscean woman says that she's looking for something “more”, she means it.

Piscean Women 1

2. She's intensely creative

It's not enough for her to simply appreciate beauty - she needs to create it. Not one to be bogged down by the rules, the Piscean woman is constantly trying to break existing boundaries and standards in her attempt to express her own unique self.

Piscean Women 2

3. She is sensitive and caring

We all have that one Piscean friend, who will stay up with you all night long when you've had a bad day. But unlike so many others, she won't just go through the motions - she genuinely cares about her friends’ happiness.

Piscean Women 3

4. She is a great listener

The quiet and often spiritual outlook of a Piscean woman means that she pays attention to the little details that others miss.

5. In love she is faithful and devoted

She is not the one to cheat, and she will also not tolerate such indiscretions!

Piscean Women 5

6. She prefers subtlety to being in your face

…she prefers a soft romantic caress to something more frisky!

Piscean Women 6

7. She is a cherished friend

Not only because she is awesome, but also because how incredibly wise she is. With a knack of observing the world carefully, she’s often the guide you fall back on.

Piscean Women 7

8. She works best in creative roles!

A Piscean woman is not exactly cut out for conventional office roles. When it comes to management and administrative work, she is not your girl. But Piscean women thrive in creative spaces that allow them to express their artistic side.

9. Fashion is what lets her be HER!

Ruled by water, the Piscean woman needs to be free. So, no corsets! She tends to favor loose, flowing and elegant silhouettes.

Piscean Women 9

Famous Piscean Women: Alia Bhatt, Rihanna, Eva Longoria, Shraddha Kapoor, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Beil, Olivia Wilde.

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