Know The Sign: All The Traits That Make A Capricorn Woman Stand Out

Know The Sign: All The Traits That Make A Capricorn Woman Stand Out

Capricorn women are the friendliest bunch of the lot. They are the coolest to hang out with and make the best of friends. Capricorns have a go-getter attitude and they are a powerhouse of energy and confidence. If you know them, then you know they are cool and absolutely easy to hang out with.

Some of the most charming Bollywood celebrities who are known for standing up for themselves are Capricorn women. Actresses like Deepika Padukone, Vidya Balan and Twinkle Khanna are on the list. If there is one thing that’s common between these women, it is the fact that they speak their mind and never let anyone dull their sparkle. From shutting down people who let them down to standing up for their loved ones whenever required, these women are known to make a mark. See what we mean?

Capricorn Women's Personality 
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Let’s Know A Little More About Their Personality, Shall We?

A Capricorn woman can take things to her heart. She will also let go of their own wishes and desires to make others happy. Capricorn women are also very target oriented and mostly perform a task with all of their capabilities, hence achieving what they aim for with all the hard work.

Capricorns can be trusted. They have no reason to lie about things and they almost never do. Being a water sign, they are spiritual and prefer emotions over materialistic things.

They are also known to have a hybrid personality, which means that they are juggling between two personas. They sometimes have extremely low self-esteem, but other times they are shining through life with self-assurance and confidence. 

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Best Career Choices For Capricorn Women

Capricorn women are known to be ambitious and have an impeccable charm and unbiased work ethics. They make sure they finish their tasks on time and never leave anything hanging if they start it. They are known to be patient at work which makes it easy for them to get along with their colleagues. They are determined, efficient and hardworking and these qualities bring them success on a platter.

Capricorns sometimes tend to be a bit pessimistic and it may affect their productivity at times but they have a habit of getting back up the moment they feel knocked down. Their determination and the need to ‘make it happen’ make them a great fit for careers in business, finance and medicine. A career path that enables the Capricorn to exercise patience, be organized and produce good results is an ideal workplace.

Capricorn Women At Work

Capricorn women are known to be ‘the Achievers’ and are known to complete any task that is given to them. They are even known to go out of their way to do things at their workplace and are very target-oriented. They are known to be organized about their work and keep a little journal to keep checking on what they’re doing. This is their way of doing their delegated tasks within the given time and enough efficiency.

Capricorns have a knack for looking at the details so it’s safe to say that they will definitely take care of every tiny detail in any project that is given to them. They are goal-oriented but also look at the sensitive things in life, so no matter what the situation is, they will be cordial with their colleagues. They also like to lead, so they can handle all tasks with precision and control.

All You Need To Know About A Capricorn Woman 2

Signs Best Suited With Capricorn Women

Capricorn sign, the goat, is the sign that might intimidate quite a few men. However, Taurus and Virgo are best suited with a Capricorn woman as they understand her practical approach to life. Virgo men may even beat Taurus in getting along with a Capricorn woman. They are both equally diligent in working, so will be able to deal with each other’s career-driven personality.

Capricorn women can also get along very well with Capricorn men as they easily understand each other’s similar state of mind and similar traits.

They are committed when they’re in love and will do anything and everything to sustain the relationship that they see going far. When they’re looking for a relationship, they’re looking for someone who will give her love and most importantly, security. They are anything but submissive, so it sometimes they do get stubborn.

Capricorn Women As Friends

Capricorn personalities are known to be very friendly but their analytical nature will actually get them to have a close-knit common circle. They are funny and will give you great advice on life. They take their friendships very seriously, so it’s safe to say that they’re keepers. Just like they feel committed and strong in a relationship, they expect the same kind of loyalty from their friends too.

All You Need To Know About A Capricorn Woman 3

Capricorn Women In Love

Just like we said, Capricorn women are very strong about their feelings for someone. They are loyal and will make all the efforts they can when they are in love. However, a Capricorn woman generally likes words a lot and sometimes, gets swayed by them. It’s not easy to fool her, but they sometimes listen to things that they want to listen to and it makes them lose the right sense of things. 

So, if you are falling in love with a Capricorn woman, know that she is a tough cookie but will crack for you. Beware of false words because she will fall for them so if you don’t wish to keep her, you might not want to say them to her.

Capricorn Women In Bed

A Capricorn woman is full of passion and love and all of that comes out when they are in bed with a man. They have a mix of pleasing skills along with being the center of attention in bed. As much as they like to please their partner, they like equal and undivided attention in bed. They create sexual tension with their partners in order to have a good time in bed.

Capricorn women love foreplay will love it if you come up with different ways to turn up the heat in the bedroom. In short, she is anything but vanilla. She loves attention and pampering in the bed if you are expecting some of it back too. She is the kind of woman who is very quick to reach orgasms so it's safe to say that if you're quick and good, you will totally drive a Capricorn woman crazy in bed.

However, Capricorn eminent personalities take a little time to be comfortable with someone but when they feel like they have attained that level of comfort, they will go out of their way to do things in bed.

They feel like they need to understand their partner before trying out something new and gets attached to someone after constant physical intimacy. Overall, with a Capricorn woman, you are bound to have some fun in the bedroom.

All You Need To Know About A Capricorn Woman 4

How Do Capricorn Women Handle A Heartbreak?

A Capricorn woman finds it very difficult to accept a breakup. Capricorns believe in letting just their close ones know that they have actually had a failed relationship. Once they accept that their meaningful relationship is over, they will try their best to move on. They will go out with their friends, indulge in a project that keeps them busy or try their best to get out of a situation that is only causing harm to them.

Falling in love and getting attached in the process is not very easy for a Capricorn woman, which is why they take time to come out of things too!

Capricorn Women And Fashion

A Capricorn woman is fun, witty and loves to do everything in style. This is very well-reflected in her fashion sense, too. From elegant to vintage, a Capricorn girl loves everything that makes her feel like her true self. Since she loves to work, you will find a lot of formal classics in her wardrobe.

They like to dress up well when they head out, so they always have a closet full of dresses. Their choices are anything but basic and you will see them flaunting the perfect outfit and perfect makeup at any party.

For casual days, you will still see any Capricorn girl wear clothes that are simple yet stylish. From a tee shirt to a casual dress, they have so much sass to carry off anything without making it look basic.

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Food Items Every Capricorn Girl Will Love!

Capricorns are known to be big time foodies but they will also keep their health-o-meter in check while they do so! Even though they love eating junk, they try to maintain a balance in their eating habits.

They are very particular about maintaining a timetable when they’re eating, so you will always see her eating at the right time. Health sometimes takes over the taste for them, so don’t be surprised if you see a lot of salads on your Capri girl’s table in the day.

Negative Traits Of A Capricorn

Every sun sign comes with a set of negative traits and a Capricorn girl has some minuses too. They are known to be pessimistic, which sometimes causes a bit of a stir in their relationships. They act stubborn in situations.

Capricorn eminent personalities will sometimes never step out of their comfort zone to do anything for anyone. If they dislike something, they have a tendency to detach themselves from it, even without letting anyone know. They can sometimes be moody with people around them and it makes it a bit hard for them to get along with people.

All You Need To Know About A Capricorn Woman 6

Capricorn Tarot For The Next One Week

You may be very tempted to do a lot of things in this coming week that may not be in your favour. So, be careful before taking that one step. Think twice before you make any erratic decision as not everything will lead you to great results.

You have been saving a lot in the past few months and it’s about time you put that saving to practice. Take a break and switch off a little from work to come back with a fresh mind and brand new ideas. Your colleagues love you for the kind of efforts you have made in the past few months and they will be more than happy to let you go for a break.

Your love life seems to be blooming. If you’re single, then you are going to meet that someone special very soon. Don’t hesitate in letting new people into your life. Your family looks like they’re in full support for everything so all in all, things are seeming to complete workout in your favour.

Keep going, girl!

This story was updated in January 2019.

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