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Calm Your Tits 'Coz We Found You The Perfect Bra According To Your Zodiac!

Calm Your Tits 'Coz We Found You The Perfect Bra According To Your Zodiac!

‘Give a girl the right lingerie and she can conquer the world’

This is somewhat true but we’re going to help you with the specifics. The best piece of lingerie, according to us, is the bra. Yep, bras are like the best friend you never had. They’re always close to your heart, never ditch on plans and support you like no other. Following this theory, you don't choose your bras, your bras choose you. Or in this case, your zodiac sign helps you choose the right one.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect bra, we’ve got news that’ll make the process more organised and much less of a struggle. From comfort to sexiness to support, let’s see what matters to you most when it comes to picking out the right bra, based on your zodiac sign.

1. Aries

1 Aries bras acc to zodiac

Aries peeps, we know how much you love being in control and most of all, winning. For you something that gives you all the comfort but makes you feel strong and sexy shows signs of being the perfect bra, just like this bold red push-up with lace detail.

POPxo recommends: Lace Push Up Bra (Rs 1,299) by H&M

2. Taurus

2 Taurus bras acc to zodiac

Attracted to dependable yet elegant designs, earthy tones and sensual materials, Taurean women, we feel would fall head over heels for this sexy nude bralette.

POPxo recommends: Nude Solid Bra (Rs 1,695) by Wacoal

3. Gemini

3 Gemini bras acc to zodiac

Gemini peeps are the life of the party no matter where they go. Their choice is expressive and sporty, which is why we picked out this sporty logo tape bra for y’all. The hot red colour expresses boldness and an adventurous spirit in the Gemini woman.

POPxo recommends: Peach Solid Bra (Rs 1,859) by Calvin Klein Innerwear

4. Cancer

4 Cancer bras acc to zodiac

Your zodiac, Cancer women, declares your love for sensual and smooth fabrics. However, you’re equally attracted to beautiful designs. The feel of this satin and lace bralette on their skin would be one hard to match. Especially in the sweltering summer heat, amirite?

POPxo recommends: Made To Layer Satin Scallop Lace Bralette (Rs 358) by Zivame

5. Leo

5 Leo bras acc to zodiac

The Leo woman has a creative and energetic personality which commands attention. You love to add a dramatic, theatrical touch to whatever you wear. Oh, and coordination is key. Your bras are no exception - thank us later for this vintage eyelash trim bra and bottoms set.

POPxo recommends: Eyelash Lace Overlay Strappy Bra Panty Lingerie Set (Rs 899) by SR Store

6. Virgo

6 Virgo bras acc to zodiac

You, girl, are grounded, analytical and take a no-fuss approach towards life. Just like you like your lingerie - practical yet fashionable! Your perfect bra is this sheer non-padded no-frills bra which is just as fashionable with a triangle cut and a pretty bow to finish.

POPxo recommends: Pink Non-Wired Non-Padded Solid Bra (Rs 1,107) by Hunkemoller

7. Libra

7 Libra bras acc to zodiac

Librans, you ladies naturally gravitate towards serene beauty which has an exceptional aesthetic to it at the same time. We’re sure this white heart print will tug on your heartstrings as much as it did ours.

POPxo recommends: Sheer Heart Mesh Underwire Bra (Rs 1,199) by Forever 21

8. Scorpio

8. Scorpio bras acc to zodiac

For the Scorpio woman, she must feel a little powerful and sexy to feel glamorous. So, she goes for a bra that is subtle, with dramatic hints. For her, less is more. This minimalistic bra is sexy with a powerful lift and has a statement element with a waist belt detail. Wow!

POPxo recommends: U Plunge Bra (Rs 605) by Shein

9. Sagittarius

9 sagittarius bras acc to zodiac

Sagittarius women have a positive and playful energy about them. Ladies, we’ve figured you love playing with colours, all the while being flirtatious in your own way. This coral peach-and-pink bra flaunts a flirty scalloped cup with a printed lace overlay on it. This is the one for you!

POPxo recommends: Pink Lace Underwired Lightly Padded Demi Bra (Rs 897) by Amante

10. Capricorn

 10 Capricorn bras acc to zodiac

The perfect bra for you, Capricorn woman is one that appeals to your practical and grounded spirit and makes you feel in total control. This sleek black on black sports bra would capture your fancy, we reckon.

POPxo recommends: Pro Alpha Solid Lightly Padded Sports Bra (Rs 1,677) by Nike

11. Aquarius

11 Aquarius bras acc to zodiac

If you’re reading this, you’ve been blessed with the most individualistic personality. You add your own spin to everything and love making statements. This ivory lace bra is delicate and pretty but the Aquarian woman will also appreciate the statement cage detail that it comes with.

POPxo recommends: Caged Front Lace Bralet (Rs 319) by The Style Syndrome

12. Pisces

12 Pisces bras acc to zodiac

If there’s ever a zodiac that loved to dream, it’s Pisces. You love everything celestial, magical and artistic. So, we found you a bra that will cast a spell on you - this sheer celestial print non-padded bra is as comfy as it is stylish.

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POPxo recommends: Letter Tape Glitter Bralette (Rs 338) by Romwe


Published on Jul 11, 2018
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