The Passionate Piscean’s Guide To Travel In 2018

The Passionate Piscean’s Guide To Travel In 2018

As the days turn brighter with sunshine and clear blue skies, we welcome the most joyful season one could look forward to for travel - spring! Shout out to all those born under the Pisces zodiac sign - it’s your season to shine, alright! Give us your attention, and gear up for a comprehensive guide to what your travel plans look like in 2018!

Zodiac Dates

February 19 - March 20

Traits of a Pisces

Compassionate, intelligent, and kind, Pisceans are some of the most loyal friends that you can find! While they can be total conversation wizards, and their ability to be good listeners at the same time, makes them likable and even adored in all friend circles. Those born under the Pisces zodiac sign love stories of all kinds, and when they travel, you can certainly expect a new tale from every destination they visit!

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What type of traveller are you?

The New Avenues-Seeking Explorer: Your love for stories and the ability to live in the moment - soaking up the beautiful landscape around you - is what makes you crave minimalist, yet gorgeous holiday destinations. You can be a mountain-climbing adventurous explorer, or a beach-bum craving a getaway from everyday life; as long as you get the much-needed peace and serenity you seek on your travels, you’re happy and content!

Where should you go?

In India: Majuli Island, Assam

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Why visit: The first Indian island to be made a district in India, it’s located in the Brahmaputra river and was formed due to the river changing its course. The island is known for its vibrant festivals and the Misings, the Deoris, and the Sonowal Kacharis are some of the communities that reside in the region. It makes for the perfect destination for every Piscean to discover Assamese culture, and take that much-awaited break from the hectic routine of city life!

Things to do: Visit Kamalabari Satra - a religious site that houses historical artifacts, and objects related to the art, literature, and cultural studies of Assam. Head to Tengapania - a popular picnic spot in Majuli, located on the serene banks of the Brahmaputra. Take a trip to Dakhinpat Satra - an educational center that is visited by hundreds of devotees every year and a prime festival of Assam, Rasotsav, is celebrated with great pomp and show!

How to get there: Make your way to Guwahati and take one of the daily flights that will get you to the city of Jorhat. Once there, you can take a ferry service that will take you to Majuli.

Where to stay: Hotel Jora Palace for Rs 1,431 per night

In the world: Zagreb, Croatia

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Why visit: We know that not all Pisceans are beach-bums, or island-lounging, dreamy individuals. Which is why, Croatia gives you a chance to explore sea kayaking, discover kitesurfing, and go horse riding. You also get to spend your money shopping for the best olive oil in the world and sample the most glorious cheese in all the land, if you’re a foodie, that is!

Things to do: Discover Pimp My Pump - an art initiative around the city where you can see the old and forgotten water pumps being decked up by the local talent and artists. Head to Tkalčićeva Street -take a stroll on one of the most romantic streets that you can wander around, especially after the sun sets and the shops are lit, where you can grab a cup of joe and have a lovely meal.

How to get there: Hop on a flight from Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai or Hyderabad to Zagreb Airport.

Where to stay: Rooms Stanic for Rs 1,726 per night

Happy trails to you, Pisceans! Tell us where you’re headed!

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