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9 Myths About The Vagina Every Girl Should STOP Believing!

9 Myths About The Vagina Every Girl Should STOP Believing!
Myths about the vagina have confuzzled many women. And some of the myths are outright weird! So we decided we should probably clear the air about some of these... Here are a few vagina myths you need to stop believing!

Myth 1: If a woman’s vagina is ‘loose’, she has had many sexual partners.

Umm... Nope! Vaginas are very elastic and if they stretch from having sex, they go back to to their original size soon after. Every vagina is different and just because someone’s is bigger does not mean she has been with more men.

Myth 2: Women don’t ejaculate.

So not true! Female ejaculations is a real thing. How much and how often they ejaculate varies from woman to woman though.

Myth 3: Vaginal discharge means there is something wrong.

No, ladies. Not necessarily true. You only need to be alarmed if your vaginal discharge has a peculiar smell or colour. A translucent whitish discharge with no smell is actually pretty normal and healthy.

Myth 4: The vagina needs to be regularly douched for it to smell good and be clean.

Ladies, the vagina is supposed to smell like a vagina and not a rose garden. You do not need to subject your vagina to douches. In fact, it is not a good idea to do so. Every vagina has a self-cleaning mechanism and all you need to do is wash it regularly with plain water.

Myth 5: G-Spots don't exist.

The G-spot very much exists. There just isn’t a clear roadmap to it. Some women may be aroused more by other spots on their bodies than the G-spot or may take a longer time to find exactly where it lies… But even so, the G-Spot is not a myth.

Myth 6: Things can get lost inside the vajayjay!

Erm… No. The anatomical structure is to be thanked for this. If your tampon gets stuck or a condom comes off while you are having sex, rest assured that it won’t get lost in there. You may have to dig a little and pull it out but it will not disappear inside you like Alice in Wonderland.

Myth 7: Your hymen tears after you have sex for the first time.

This is one mighty myth. For a lot of women these days, the hymen tears without even having sex. It’s a sensitive membrane which can tear due to sports or strenuous exercise!

Myth 8: You MUST pee after sex.

The internet has floating myths about the vagina ‘bursting’ if you do not pee after sex. No, ladies. This is not true. While it is a very healthy practice to pee before and after sex (as that helps in preventing UTIs and flushing out any bacteria that may have entered the vagina during sex) it is not a do-or-die rule. So it's a good idea to adopt this practice but do not believe anyone who talks of ‘bursting vaginas’.

Myth 9: Masturbating too often decreases sexual pleasure.

Not at all, ladies! In fact, before you have sex you should totally discover your own pleasure spots by touching yourself. Masturbating is a healthy and natural practice and in no way does it affect your arousal or your sexual experience. GIFs: Giphy