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#FashionDiaries: I Wore My Boyfriend’s Shirt... As A Dress!

#FashionDiaries: I Wore My Boyfriend’s Shirt... As A Dress!

I have always been experimental when it comes to fashion. Weird hacks, sartorial experiments and all the crazy trends - I’ve tried and tested them all. This story is an account of one such crazy experiment that I did, with my boyfriend’s shirt. One Sunday afternoon we were lazing around at his place, watching a movie. He remembered that he had to rearrange his wardrobe and requested me to help him. When I refused, he made it a point to remind me of everything he has ever done for me. And just to check if I wasn’t dying of guilt already, he said, “Remember I helped you clean your wardrobe?”
10 minutes later, all his clothes had replaced me on the bed and I was picking them up and putting them back neatly. He was separating them according to how often he wore them. After an hour of organizing and constant nagging, his wardrobe could finally qualify as ‘neat’. When we finished, we were lying on the bed when he pulled out a shirt from the stack of clothes lying next to him. The stack contained his clothes from the time he used to be 110 kilos, 35 kgs more than what we was now. He threw the light blue, linen shirt at me, asking me to wear it, as according to him I would look sexy in his shirt. I agreed instantly as I had always wanted to wear his clothes because they were so comfy and cosy. I took off my tee, put on his shirt and walked towards the mirror. I looked like a kid who was wearing an adult’s clothes. He looked at me and burst out laughing. The shirt ended one finger above my knee, lengthy enough to qualify as a dress. Although it was too big for me, I somehow felt it could work well as a shirt dress. shirt as a dress So, I pulled the belt out of my pants and belted up my waist. To balance out the bagginess on my arms, I rolled up the sleeves and voila, it was done. It looked like a shirt dress that I would pay to buy from any of the stores.
I turned around and looked at my boyfriend’s face. Though he tried really hard to come up with a mean comment, but he gave up, and said, “Umm.. I don’t know why am I saying this, but it does look nice on you”. And that’s how I wore my boyfriend’s shirt as a dress, ladies. It’s been more than a year that it was introduced to my wardrobe and I have worn it with sneakers in summers and tights and boots in winters and it looks great with either. I’ve also knotted it up to wear as a relaxed crop top. I suggest all of you ‘borrow’ a shirt from your guy for a major style upgrade! Images: Shutterstock
Published on Jan 29, 2017
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