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10 Not-So-Expensive Wedding Gifts Your Bestie Will Actually Use!

10 Not-So-Expensive Wedding Gifts Your Bestie Will Actually Use!

Super occupied with putting together outfits and a special sangeet performance for the bestie’s wedding? But wait, have you finalized a gift yet?! If you’ve not yet bought a gift and want to steer clear of the envelope, then we’re here to help. Your gift has got to be unique and useful and not something that’ll be kept away in a corner, after all. Plus, you’ve also got to make sure that it does not burn a hole in your wallet. So here we have 10 awesome gifts for the newlyweds under Rs 3,000. And we swear these will not be passed on or tucked away!

1. The chalkboard serving platter

1 gifts for newlyweds How very amazing is this? Serving platters are common wedding gifts, but one like this is hard to resist. A serving platter with a chalkboard is just what a newlywed couple would love to have in their collection. It’s quirky, it’s cool and it’ll be the first thing they use for their housewarming party. POPxo Recommends: The Chalkboard Serving Platter (Rs 1,890)

2. A personalized lamp

2 gifts for newlyweds So thoughtful! A bottle shaped lamp with the newlyweds’ picture is the one gift your bestie is sure to love. The just-married couple would set this up in their new room first thing after moving in! So unique and so very personalized. POPxo Recommends: Personalized Photo Lamp (Rs 1,099)

3. For the travelling enthusiasts

3 gifts for newlyweds Gift them travel accessories that can be used for the honeymoon itself! A quirky passport holder along with a travel pillow and an eye mask for that long journey. Now who wouldn't love to receive a gift like that. One that the couple can actually use! POPxo Recommends: Owls Of India Passport Holder (Rs 895), Paisley Birds Travel Pillow With Eye Mask (Rs 1,295)

4. His & Her wall hooks!

4 gifts for newlyweds Done with the Mr & Mrs pillow covers and the His & Her t-shirts, are we?! But these gorgeous brass wall hooks are sure to add a lot of glam to your friend’s dressing area. They could use them to hang belts, scarves, bags...and the brass hooks look pretty decorative too!
POPxo Recommends: Brass His Wall Hook (Rs 990), Brass Her Wall Hook (Rs 990)

5. Grooming essentials

5 gifts for newlyweds Who wouldn’t love to receive that?! A gift box from Forest Essentials for the bride and an all essential kit from The Man Company for the groom. They could even carry the travel size packs for their honeymoon! There is just no way the couple ain’t using this! POPxo Recommends: Forest Essentials Facial Indulgence Gift Box (Rs 1,875), The Man Company Starter Kit (Rs 566)

6. Gift cards are the best!

6 gifts for newlyweds Nothing's better than receiving a gift card from an outlet you love and having the option to go and shop for what you like! So be it a spa or a fashion brand or even a staycation, get your bestie and her husband a gift card of their choice and in your budget. POPxo Recommends: Amazon Gift Card (Rs 1,000)

7. Quirk alert!

7 gifts for newlyweds Okay, so this one's a show-stealer! If the to-bes are this super fun and filmy couple, they will totally dig having something like this. Three glasses with the coolest and quirkiest things written on them! It’s not just great serveware but makes a crockery rack look funky too! POPxo Recommends: Fruit Juice Glass (Rs 450), Cold Coffee Glass (Rs 450), Lassi Glass (Rs 450)

8. Gift a nameplate

8 gifts for newlyweds Now that they’re married, they might like to put a new nameplate outside their house. Why not save them the trouble of buying one? Choose a beautiful design, put in a heartfelt note and you’re sorted! They’re absolutely going to adore it.
POPxo Recommends: Acrylic Nameplate (Rs 999)

9. Wanderlusting!

9 gifts for newlyweds Look what we found! On those lazy Sunday afternoons the newlyweds are going to love planning their travels on this charming wall map. A DIY kit, this comes with thread, needles, a wooden frame and a cross stitch canvas. It will look so wonderful and unique on their living room wall! POPxo Recommends: Wanderlust Map (Rs 2,585)

10. A perfume set

10 gifts for newlyweds Well, no one ever said no to a good perfume. So take the tried and trusted way of gifting a perfume each to the bride and the groom. You can be rest assured that this is one gift they’ll totally love and will use. POPxo Recommends: Shea Eau De Toilette (Rs 925), Kistna Eau De Toilette (Rs 1,595) Aren’t these all totally awesome?!
Published on Dec 5, 2016
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