11 Things Girls *Really* Wish Guys Wouldn’t Wear!!

11 Things Girls *Really* Wish Guys Wouldn’t Wear!!
It’s our second nature to not only check out men, but also check out what they’re wearing. While there may be a hoodie you love seeing your guy in, there will also be that one thing you wish he’d never wear again. ‘Coz there are a few items in men's clothing women hate. If you’re one of us, you’ll totally understand why girls hate to see guys wear these 11 things! Make sure to share this with him! ;)

1. A jacket without a vest/ t-shirt

1 mens clothing women hate

Wearing a jacket or a blazer without a t-shirt or at least a vest underneath is not a sight many girls would like to see! Not even if you have the abs for it, boys. Neither does it look aesthetically appealing, nor does it look complete. Are we right girls? To layer your jacket well, always pair it with a neutral coloured vest or t-shirt.

2. Caps…at night!

Seriously guys, what’s the point of wearing a cap at night? The last time we checked, the sun sets in the evening. Caps are cool at a football match or maybe a picnic, but not for an evening walk to the mall. Caps are a good accessory for a casual airport look though.

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3. Net t-shirts

3 mens clothing women hate

Remember the one Hrithik Roshan wore in ‘Ek pal ka jeena’? Yes, it was a trend every guy wanted to flaunt, but it’s been over a decade since that! So let’s get over it boys? See-through net t-shirts will always be tacky, period.

4. Heels!

Yes, we love heels, but not on you! We’re talking about those men’s shoes with a sneaky heel of an inch or so. There is nothing wrong about being short. We seriously don’t care so much about it! So why don’t you just accept yourself the way you are and skip that heel? Just colour-block well to add those extra visual inches, don’t go for the heel!

5. Deep v-neck tees

5 mens clothing women hate

We’re not sure why you would want to wear them in the first place. It makes us think like you picked a tee from your sister’s wardrobe. That slight show of cleavage doesn’t make it any better!

6. A bit TOO much jewellery

We're not saying you can't or shouldn't wear jewellery, but skip the thick chains and bracelets please. Why not leave the accessorizing to us?!

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7. Super-skinny skinny jeans!

7 mens clothing women hate

Now that’s not surprising. Skinny jeans are okay, but the male equivalent of cameltoes (a.k.a. 'The Bulge') will never be attractive. Tight jeans or too-tight pants in general are a major no-no for the guys!

8. Parody tees

Don’t get us wrong, we love slogan tees. As long as they don’t offend us. Not all, but a few parody tees make us feel like you’re screaming at us from a distance when we did absolutely nothing to offend you! You don’t necessarily have to wear every thought that passes through your head, right?

9. Cargo pants…on a date!

9 mens clothing women hate

That have a zip closure to convert them into shorts! They’re okay if you’re on the beach with your other guy friends, but not when we decide to go out for a date. We don’t really get why you’d want to wear your multipurpose cargo pants on a day when we put in so much effort to look our best!

10. Buckles so bright it hurts our eyes!

There are no two ways about big or blingy belt buckles, guys! So steer clear of them, please? Tucked in shirts and well fitted jeans with shiny belt buckles are an absolute no no. Unless we’re going for a theme party and you have to wear that belt, we’d love to not see it on regular days. Thanks!

11. Wife beaters

11 mens clothing women hate

Seriously, what is this undying love some men have for wife beaters? Tank tops are made for the gym, not for a coffee date, boys! You can wear a flannel shirt over it to don the casual look. But please don’t wear your baniyan on its own. It’s not something a nice girl would say nice things about!

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