10 Fashion Commandments Of Wearing A Crop Top!

10 Fashion Commandments Of Wearing A Crop Top!
Crop tops have definitely become the darling of the fashion world. From celebrities to fashion bloggers to us mere mortals, the crop top is definitely a style favourite for many. If you too are in love with them but can’t think of too many ways to wear them, these do’s and don’ts of wearing the style will definitely help you! Here’s how to wear crop tops, to look chic AF!

1. Do It The High Waist Way

1 how to wear crop tops

The best way to play it safe while wearing a crop top is to pair it with high waisted bottoms. From skirts to high waisted pants, there are innumerable options to choose from that could come to your rescue if you don’t want to show too much tummy.

2. Don’t Go For Anything That’s Too Short

A crop top should ideally finish one inch above your belly button. Don’t go for anything that finishes anywhere above that, as that could be unflattering. Anything shorter than that can be considered a bralette, not a crop top!

3. Do Put On A Third Piece

You must definitely experiment with this one. Third pieces include statement pieces like jackets, coats, blazers and vests. If you are getting conscious about skin show, just throw on a third piece and it will pull your outfit together.

4. Don’t Go For Low Necklines

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You must know how to balance out on the skin show while wearing a crop top. Avoid going for a crop top with a low neckline, with a bit of your midriff showing already, it may look OTT. Choose wisely ladies!

5. Do Mix Two Trends

The great thing about crop tops is that they’re versatile enough to mix with other trends for some totally on-point style. For example, pair a crop top with dungarees, it will help you cover up while fetching you full points on style. You can also experiment with trends like off shoulder crop tops as well as pairing them with sneakers for some easy chic looks.

6. Don’t Go For Really Fitted Tops

Avoid crop tops that are too fitted, especially if you are well endowed as they will accentuate larger breasts. Looser crop tops and boxy silhouettes will flatter most body types and will also help you feel more comfortable and less self-conscious.

7. Do Layer It up

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You should give layering a shot, especially if you don’t want to reveal your tummy. Try wearing crop tops over fitted dresses and over long tops and shirts. You will stay covered up, while looking trendy and super classy.

8. Don’t Wear Low Waist

...Because wearing low waist cuts with crop tops will show too much skin and not always look too flattering. Going high waist is always a better option with crop tops.

9. Do Keep The Accessories Simple

Accessorize simply. Wear simple long chains and earrings as crop tops are statement pieces themselves and will grab attention anyways.

10. Don’t Go For Flowy Or Light Fabrics

10 how to wear crop tops

Choose heavier fabrics while opting for crop tops as they will help balance out your outfit well. Flowy fabrics can look sloppy, while heavier, stiff fabrics will add structure.

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