7 Fashion Items To NEVER Throw Away - This Is Why!

7 Fashion Items To NEVER Throw Away - This Is Why!
We’re all in for getting rid of closet clutter (how else can you make space for new shopping?!), but don’t be too overzealous and get rid of a few items that can last you forever. Read on to know a few closet items you should never throw away. You never know when these wardrobe gems will come in handy!

1. Old Denims

1 items you should never throw away

Even if you've had them for years, remember that denims only get better with time. Oh and no need to splurge thousands of rupees on trendy ripped denims and boyfriend jeans, you can just convert an old pair of jeans into one. All you need is a pair of scissors and maybe watch a Youtube tutorial first! If you do mess up your distressing DIY, you can always shred them and patch them onto old shirts and even cushions and blankets.

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2. Basic Tanks in Neutral and Solid Colours

Trust me, whatever the fit, you do not want to throw these out. I’ve found that they have come into so much use when I want to wear a skirt but don’t want to pair it with a crop top. Solid colours are also great for pairing with printed pants and skirts, which are a bit difficult to wear repeatedly. These tanks are also little lifesavers when you want to layer like a boss. Inspired by a blogger’s OOTD on Instagram? Just grab a tank and wear it under a dress that’s a bit low-cut, or even over a casual button-up shirt. If nothing else, you can always wear them with pajama bottoms when you’re lazing around all day!

3. Black Slacks

3 items you should never throw away

Black slacks are timeless, if they fit well you needn’t throw them out ever. You never know when you may need them for a job interview. We suggest pairing them with dressy tops and crop tops and heels for a night out. If you work in a relatively casual environment, pair them with a simple tank top for office. It’s so easy to dress them up or down, slip them on whenever you want to give your trusty denims a break.

4.  Your Mom/Grandma's Old Saris

The best part about saris is that no matter what your shape and size is, they can be shared and passed down through generations. Even if you feel like you’re never going to wear one of your grandma’s old saris, you don’t want to get rid of it. The fabric can be used to make a gorgeous blouse or even a skirt, a pair of pants or a trendy scarf - especially if it has a pretty print or colour.

5. Sunglasses You’ve Had For Ages

5 items you should never throw away

Even if the frames are old, worn out and even rusted, don’t throw them out. Just get them polished from anywhere and fitted with new, dark lenses. Vintage glasses have definitely come back in vogue in a big way, so a cool pair of sunnies that belonged to your mom back in the 80s or even your granddad can seriously notch up your style game.

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6. Tees With Holes In Them

Just ‘coz you can stick your fingers through the holes in your old, worn out t-shirts doesn’t mean you need to chuck them away. Just hop onto Pinterest for a sea of options to recycle your old tees. You can turn them into sexy cut-out tops, fringed crop tops, a pretty scarf or even a handy tote. If nothing else, cotton tees are the perfect fabric to be turned into rags and dusters for the house. Also, they’re way better and gentler to use to dry your hair instead of a towel to prevent breakage and frizz.

7. Oversized Shirts From Your Brother/ Boyfriend

7 items you should never throw away

Image: Diana Penty on Instagram

Ladies, androgyny is here to stay and it’s such a fun trend to experiment with. Steal an old shirt from your bro, dad or other half instead of buying one to try the trend. And always take a pick when they're cleaning up their closets! Tuck it or knot it and pair with skinny jeans or a skirt, add a belt and pretty shoes and voila! You’ve just nailed the trend!

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