What NOT To Wear On A First Date. Nope!

What NOT To Wear On A First Date. Nope!
First dates are always exciting and beautiful. Don’t you just love the thrill of it all? The nervous and awkward conversations, the what-to-eat dilemma and the beauty of just knowing that this person might be the one if things turn out well. What is nerve-wracking is the time before you go on that date. Yes, we’re talking about the big, fat what-to-wear question. Your clothes play an important role on making that first impression. It is how you represent yourself to the world...and when you have a date coming up, you should always be dressed in way that it reflects who you are. Here’s some help on what you should NOT wear to a first date!

1. Tops that are too revealing

A little cleavage is sexy when you’re going for a night out or a party, but wearing it to a first date? Not so much of a great idea. What you wanna do on a first date is really get to know each other, so wearing a booby top or a dress can just be an unwanted distraction. Save your sexy side for a later date!

2. A super fancy party dress

2 wear on a first date

Save that sequinned bodycon LBD you have for a fancy dinner. For a first date, you may want to wear something simpler and more casual because chances are you maybe having coffee at a quiet place or going for a movie. Even if you’re doing dinner or drinks, you want to maintain a certain degree of casualness so it doesn’t feel like too much pressure. Ergo, it is always a good idea to never wear party dress as it may make you look out of place...and not to mention, a little OTT!

3. Too much experimentation - not good!

We know what it’s like when you just can’t find what to wear. And in the process, we go a little cray-cray and end up trying every trend there is. If you even find yourself in that place, snap out of it! Don’t go overboard with trends and try to be experimental. It may come off like you’re trying a little too hard to impress...which is not a good thing!

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4. Uncomfortable shoes

4 wear on a first date

A pair of killer heels that look so pretty but are uncomfortable? Save them for later. Wear comfortable shoes that you can walk in with zero effort, and in the process they make you feel comfortable too. Wearing shoes that are uncomfortable will make you walk in an awkward manner which can be a little distracting and for some people a bit of a turn-off!

5. Too much makeup

You might have all the makeup tricks up your sleeves, but don’t flaunt them all on that first date. It is always better to stick to a natural makeup look. If you’re wearing loads of makeup on the very first date, you will have to keep the same thing up for the second, third date...not a good idea! A natural look is always more appealing and attractive - especially when you’re looking to make a good first impression.

6. Too-tight clothes

6 wear on a first date

It’s kind of the same problem as being too dressed up or too much cleavage. Except, it can also make you feel conscious about sitting properly and stuff so that there are no awkward bulges, etc. You might end up continuously adjusting yourself so the clothes look okay, and that’s the last thing you want to be doing on a first date.

7. Don’t be too basic

There is a huge difference between dressing comfortably and dressing like you just don’t care. Although Athleisure and Normcore is a trend now, showing up to a first date wearing your old jeans and tee may look like you’re just not into it. A little effort always pays off, so even if jeans and tees are your thing, make sure you accessorize well. Looking pretty never did nobody harm...go ahead and steal his heart! You know you want to.

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