shreena thakore

Shreena Thakore Breaks Rape Taboos: A Must-Watch For EVERY Girl

Divya Sharma

Assistant Editor

Life for a girl isn't easy. Life for a girl who's talking about and bringing attention to things that she was always taught by society to keep mum about is even more difficult. Which is why when we saw this video of Shreena Thakore (co-founder of No Country for Women)  talking about her personal experiences since childhood, we felt SO inspired! She not only talks openly about the time she herself was molested but also talks about all the taboos that surround the subject of rape in our country even today. And about laws that do nothing to protect us from abuse. From marital rape to the two-finger test, she's taking the conversation right to the core, without sparing any details, and is starting a dialogue that we wish involves more and more men and women - who either aren't aware yet of these issues or are just trying to live in denial. More power to Shreena for her honesty and patience, and to Josh Talks for providing a platform and environment for this conversation to take place.

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Published on Jun 02, 2016
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