9 Styling Tricks To Look Slimmer (And Taller!) In Your Jeans!

9 Styling Tricks To Look Slimmer (And Taller!) In Your Jeans!
We’d love to style our favourite garment in ways that would complement our figure while also serving its utilitarian purposes. Maybe make us look taller or a tad bit slimmer? So, let’s break it down in this article and talk about how we can style our denims to create a slender figure! These superb tips are all that you need to make those denims work for you!

1. Choose High Waisted Bell Bottoms!

1 style jeans to look slimmer

Bell bottoms are back in full swing and why shouldn’t we incorporate them in our daily wardrobe to achieve the goal?! Bell bottoms are fitted around the thighs and the butt, and therefore highlight your assets perfectly! They flare down, adding that much needed drama to your silhouette. The wider bottom and the fitted top works wonder to make one look slimmer!

2. Wear Them With Classy Stilettos!

2 style jeans to look slimmer

The picture speaks for itself. Pair your skinny jeans with a pair of skinny heels! This, along with trendy tops and jackets, will work like magic. You can even wear stilettos with a plain tee & jeans to elevate your fashion quotient easily!

3. Crop Tops For The Win!

3 style jeans to look slimmer

Let’s ride this fashion wave and match our denims with a crop top! Choose a boxy crop top so it doesn’t stick to the stomach, especially if that’s what you are trying to hide! Wear this with high-waisted pants in case you are conscious, but this overall can work like wonders for you! The high-waist will create an illusion of longer legs.

4. Buy One With A Stretchable Fabric!

4 style jeans to look slimmer

Whether it’s a flared one or a skinny number, any amount of elasticity in the jeans will work on the body in a very positive way. It smoothens out your curves and gives a desirable shape to the legs to make them look slender.

5. Black On Top!

5 style jeans to look slimmer

Dark colours like black have a slimming effect. So when you plan to wear boyfriend jeans which actually don’t do much to the figure in terms of defining it, wear a black top and tuck it in. Add a jacket on top if you feel like. Finish it up with pumps that have a low vamp to show the feet a bit!

6. Put On A Long-ish Jacket!

6 style jeans to look slimmer

If you are mostly concerned about your thighs or your butt, wear a long jacket that looks trendy and does a pretty good job of covering them up. You can pull off this look for a formal affair, and for casual days, throw on a printed long kimono jacket for the same look!

7. Experiment With Cleverly Faded Jeans!

7 style jeans to look slimmer

Yes, picking acid wash jeans or shaded jeans can actually work in your favour. Choose one that is faded around the centre of the leg as this will create an illusion of leaner legs. Do not buy the ones that are faded around the thighs only as they will highlight that area.

8. The Jeans That Are Cut At The Ankle!

8 style jeans to look slimmer

Tapered jeans that cut at the ankle make you appear taller as they highlight your ankle. Anything that highlights the ankle in a subtle way creates an illusion of height. Pair them with booties or slip-on clogs to add that extra edge to your ensemble.

9. Denim On Denim!

9 style jeans to look slimmer

Wear a denim top or a shirt with your jeans. It will look like you are wearing one piece which will automatically make you look slimmer. This same fabric and colour will create a straight vertical line that will make you look slender and tall.

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