Riya Jain Joins The POPxo Blog Network!

Riya Jain Joins The POPxo Blog Network!
The spontaneous and experimental, Riya Jain, is the latest super blogger to join the POPxo network. A wardrobe hoarder, Riya has always loved experimenting with clothes. Apart from that she is an avid traveller and food buff. Her blog Caught In A Cuff, is an extremely personalized yet relatable account of all things she loves. Read on to find out more about her!

Riya Jain joins POPxo bloggers network

What sparked your interest in fitness, food and travel?

I've always been big on food and travel as I absolutely love visiting new places and trying new cuisines that appeal to my taste buds. I've only lately found the time and interest to concentrate on keeping myself fit and I'm hoping I hang on to it.

What is your personal style statement?

I resort to street style for the most part of my day. Events and party nights do call for the high street dressing. 

Riya Jain joins POPxo

What made you take up blogging?

I've always loved dressing up and experimenting with new styles. As I was an avid Instagram user already, blogging just brought my passion onto a bigger platform.

What would you like to tell all aspiring bloggers?

Just be confident about your style and have patience alongside. Be dedicated and be very very active on your social media!

The POPxo quiz:

1. One beauty/fashion product you swear by:


2. What is your personal style statement?

Crop-Top and a pair of shorts.

3. Your biggest guilty pleasure:

I don't have a sweet tooth so would have to be any kind of spicy food!

4. The one trend/style you would NEVER wear:

Polka Dots!

5. Success is?

Happiness and feeling secure.

Riya Jain joins POPxo

6. Fame or Money?

Maybe a bit of both.

7. You look up to?

Kristina Bazan

8. The ONE thing no one knows about you?

I had a KT in the last sem of my Management studies, which I did clear!

9. What is your biggest strength?

I have some really supportive people around me including my blogger friends who wouldn't hesitate to help me at any point and I'd do the same for them.

Riya Jain joins POPxo

10. If you could be anyone for a day, who would you like to be?

Maybe a bollywood actor, just to know all the goss!

11. One last question: How does it feel to be part of the POPxo Blog Network?

I've always loved POPxo's Blog and it's a strong network. I'm happy that my work is appreciated and am super excited to bring something new to the table.

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