#TrendAlert: Wearing A Shirt Back To Front - Would *You* Dare?!

#TrendAlert: Wearing A Shirt Back To Front - Would *You* Dare?!
Fashion has a knack for shocking people and making heads turn. It thrives on the unexpected and challenges the status quo ever so often. The latest bizarre trend that has left us baffled and confused is the “front-to-back” trend. Before you start on the what and the how of this trend, you might wanna sit down and get ready to feel as bemused as we are!

front to back shirt trend

Image: Theluxurymuse on Instagram

Think this. A white button-down shirt tucked into a pair of jeans. Classic, right? Now think of the same shirt over the same pair of jeans...Only this time, the button up is the back. Yup, it’s that simple and yup, it’s also that complicated!

There is simply no room or time for creative bankruptcy in the world of fashion. There are no rules to live by. There are no rights and no wrongs. If you thought wearing a plain white button-down shirt and a pair of basic jeans was a tad bit boring, then this trend proves you wrong. Wearing your shirt front-to-back emerged as THE stand-out streetstyle trend in the Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks and our very own fashionistas at the Lakme Fashion Week were not far behind!

front to back shirt trend

Image: The_onemixtape on Instagram

The only thing to remember when trying this trend is to go for an overshirt (or yes, you can totally borrow *his* shirt! ;)) and also unbutton a few buttons - so that your *ahem* ladies have room to breathe. And this way, you get to show off your sexy back too! We are still shaky on whether this trend is brilliant or just outright bizarre. What do you think? Would you dare to deconstruct?


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