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Pretty & Comfy Cotton Dresses For Summer (All Under Rs 1,000!)

Pretty & Comfy Cotton Dresses For Summer (All Under Rs 1,000!)
With summer here, we are all craving freedom from clothes which trap us in! And what better solution for that than wearing pretty cotton dresses? With their breezy flowy feel, these 8 cotton dresses will look not just fashionable, but also feel comfortable in this weather and perk you right up out of your lazy summer mood!

1. A Chill Breeze

affordable cotton dresses A soft, cool breezy vibe is what defines this cotton dress. It looks just so cool and comfy that we are dying to put it on and run prancing into the crazy summer sun! Now you too can become the chill breeze in your own life with this lovely number. Price: Rs. 734. Buy it here.

2. Date Night!

affordable cotton dresses Cotton on date night? Yes, you can! This fabulous red dress should totally convince you that cotton can look both glamorous and sexy. Relax in this red number and make him fall in love a little more with that romantic colour on your special date night! Loving the cute bow accent!
Price: Rs. 899. Buy it here.

3. The Indian Bioscope

affordable cotton dresses A maxi cotton dress is so trendy right now that we would be sinning if we left it out of this product list. This particular number is oh-so-Indian not just in its choice of fabric (cotton!) but also in its colours and print! The fusion is perfect to make you shine this summer. Price: Rs 799. Buy it here.

4. Psychedelic Florals

affordable cotton dresses Flora, floral, where did you lose yourself in the ‘70s? Bring back the seventies boho chic look with this dress and throw in some braids and Janis Joplin glasses! With flower-power so in vogue right now, what are you waiting for? Grab this beauty now! Price: Rs. 575. Buy it here.

5. The Smell Of Freshly Cut Grass? Heaven!

affordable cotton dresses They say that the grass is always greener on the other side. But with this dress in your wardrobe, you will probably change your mind. With its freshness, its lemony lime green colour, this cotton dress exudes a certain nostalgia for summers probably spent at our grandmothers’ houses climbing mango trees, looking at freshly cut green grass. Price: Rs. 518. Buy it here.

6. Bon Jour, Madame!

affordable cotton dresses This casual number with a lovely French declaration of love logo (for the world, for life!)...who wouldn’t love it back? Perfect to step out in when you’ve to go to your local pub and watch your favourite indie pop band perform. Pair with white sneakers and own the summer!
Price: Rs. 999. Buy it here.

7. The Perfect Pink

affordable cotton dresses Which girl can say no to pink? Especially not to this shade! It is just so feminine, so sweet, so lift-me-up! Add to this a slim brightly coloured yellow belt, and babe, it looks like you just brought sunshine to the whole world! How perfect for a Sunday spent outdoors! Price: Rs 559. Buy it here.

8. Party In The Orient

affordable cotton dresses Party hard and party like there’s no tomorrow in this lovely dress. With its breathtaking colour combination and fine detailing, it is hard to believe that it is constructed using simple cotton. Wear it to show off your sophisticated side, while maintaining the easy vibe which keeps you comfortable in your own skin. Price: Rs. 999. Buy it here.        
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