For The Aries Girl: What’s Your Personal Style Statement?

For The Aries Girl: What’s Your Personal Style Statement?
Welcome to your birthday month, Aries. We know It’s your favorite time of the year and you are super excited about it! We are here with a special style edition for the Aries woman who is suave, fierce, daring and overall just splendid! Your star sign affects your personal style majorly, especially your fashion tastes, and we are decoding that to give you an insight into what you should splurge on this month!

You are confident, spontaneous, adventurous and that’s why you are not scared to experiment with the latest stuff! You are a born leader, which is why you like to personalize fashion trends by adding your own zing to it with your charismatic personality.

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Because you are a fire sign, this resonates in your love for bright hues. Red is your main color. From your lipstick to your shoes, you have a long lasting affair going on with crimson hues.  Wearing red makes you feel more powerful and proactive! Pure energy and vibrancy in the rawest form!

These Aries celebrities are simply a reflection of your style!

style guide for aries

Left to Right : Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckham, Emma Watson

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When it comes to silhouettes, you like to go for something that is off-beat, out of the ordinary. Be it an interesting neckline, asymmetrical hems, defined lines with a twist is your chosen flavor. You find bright colored outfits and bold statement accessories in angular shapes or sharp edges  irresistible and you inevitably pick those from the lot!

Your Everyday Style

A sharp, clean, defined look is your preferred style and you stay away from frilly things - subtle lace is the maximum that you’d like to try. You fancy Aztec, abstract prints or bold patterns and graphic prints more compared to dainty floral prints. Comfortable and utilitarian looks serve you better than the razzmatazz, though you do add a hint of femininity into your ensembles in subtle ways.

style guide for aries

POPxo Recommends: Orange Dress (Rs 1,493), Asymmetrical Hem Kurta (Rs 1,899), Cop Sunglasses (Rs 1,199), Desi Drama Tote Bag (Rs 1,850), Aztec Print Watch (Rs 1,295)

Your Professional Style

Work wise, you are ambitious and a complete go-getter. Your style is fresh and forward thinking, and thus structured pleats, sharp tailored looks, non-linear hemlines are your favorites. Clean chic yet bold is your office style. Choose red when you need that extra kick on a big day, it acts as a stimulus for the already assertive qualities of the Ram. Even if you are dressing for a formal interview or meeting, you find a way of adding a pop of color, either with a scarf or belt. It’s all about power dressing for you! When you’re on a break you can be seen wearing fun graphic tees and joggers, to show off your super athletic zest!

style guide for aries

POPxo Recommends: Wide Legged Pants(Rs 1,439), Zara Mango colored Top(Rs 2,490), Card Holder(Rs 495), Patent Monk Shoes(Rs 1,695), Black Studs(Rs 399)


Your Party Style

At a party, you’ve always got all eyes on you, all thanks to your dazzling personality. Thus, wearing red, especially on your birthday seems suitable. Add some unique jewellery like these circular earrings and ring, a pair of pretty golden heels to match your accessories and a clutch that shines. You’re all set to stand out!

style guide for aries

POPxo Recommends: Off Shoulder Dress(Rs 1,599), Golden Stilettos(Rs 1,695), Glitter Clutch(Rs 499), Circle Ring(Rs 495), Gold Earrings(Rs 500)

So here was a breakdown of your style quotient, Aries. Move forward fearlessly and create some sensation in the fashion world!

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