7 Reasons Your Hair Isn't Growing The Way It Should!

7 Reasons Your Hair Isn't Growing The Way It Should!
Which girl doesn’t dream of having lush, long locks? But for many of us, our hair doesn’t really grow much beyond a certain point. It’s a pretty frustrating speed bump that comes in the way of those hair fantasies. We tell you a few reasons why your hair isn’t growing the way it should - a few tweaks in your daily life should be enough to kickstart your hair growth for the mane you’ve always wanted.   

1. Putting Off Those Trims

why your hair is not growing

A lot of us put off getting haircuts, especially when we’re trying to grow our hair, but trimming the ends actually helps your hair grow longer and healthier. Get rid of those dry, damaged split ends to help gain length. But remember not to trim too often - once every 3 months is ideal for healthy hair growth.

2. Turn The Heat Off

We’re all pretty addicted to our hair dryers and irons to help tame our mane, but all that heat is a huge reason why our strands won’t grow. Heat and tools do help our hair look good temporarily, but in the long run are damaging, burning and weakening our locks. Give your hair a break and embrace your natural texture more often. Try and go heat-free as often as possible, especially if you’re trying to grow out your mane.

3. You Are What You Eat

why your hair is not growing

And so is your hair! Taking care of your strands isn’t enough if your diet isn’t rich in proteins and vitamins. A poor diet could be the culprit behind your hair woes, so make sure to load up on proteins and iron – eggs, spinach, dals, salmon, chicken, etc., to stimulate your follicles from the inside.

4.  Breakage > Growth

If your hair won’t grow beyond a certain length, it could be because there is more breakage than growth. Your hair should be growing at about half an inch per month, but split ends and breakage can slow down the process. Over-washing, rough handling, over-styling, chemical processes and brushing too often all contribute to your strands losing elasticity and moisture. Start showing your locks some love and handle them with care.

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5.  Loosen Up

why your hair is not growing

Do you regularly tie your hair up or braid it? Pulling your hair back too tight and too often may help you get your strands off your face, help you control a bad hair day, or make you feel more polished, but it’s also weakening your follicles. Tying your hair too tight too often can also end in increased hair breakage, so loosen that hair tie and let your hair down more often.

6. You Need Some Me Time!

Stress and your strands have a direct relationship. Hair fall increases when your stress levels go up, so take time out to relax - maybe a vacation can help. The less stressed you are, the better your hair will grow!

7. Time For Some TLC

why your hair is not growing

When your hair isn’t growing the way it should it’s an obvious sign that you need to give it some extra care and love. Try and avoid sun exposure as much as you can because the UV rays can weaken your strands. Indulge in a head massage regularly to promote circulation and strengthen your roots. Sleep on a satin pillowcase and be extra gentle when your hair is wet. A few simple tweaks can go  a long way!

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