Why Your Hair Isn’t Growing Longer Than A Certain Length!

Why Your Hair Isn’t Growing Longer Than A Certain Length!
There are some women who are blessed with lush, long hair that grows way beyond their waist while there are others for whom growing out their locks is pretty damn impossible. Do you feel like your hair just isn’t growing any longer? Well, then read on to know why your hair isn’t growing past a certain length. This will certainly help solve the mystery!

1. Avoiding Haircuts

It’s so common to want to hang onto your hair length and avoid going for a haircut, but that’s actually one of the reasons why your strands may not be growing any longer. It’s essential to get regular trims to get grow out your locks. Split ends, if not cut off, spread up the hair shaft causing damage and preventing further growth in length. You could try and prevent split ends as much as possible by cutting down heat styling and using a thermal protection spray when you do heat style. Also, using a nourishing hair mask regularly will help repair and strengthen the strands.

2. All About Your Growth Cycle

2 Why Your Hair is not Growing

Let’s get into the science of things. There are in general 3 phases of your hair’s growth cycle – the growth phase, the resting phase and the shedding phase. The growth phase can last anywhere between 1 to 7 years, depending from person to person. This determines the maximum length it achieves. Girls whose growth phases lasts for a few years are able to grow their locks super long, while others who have a shorter growth phase are those whose hair doesn’t grow past a certain length.

3.  Stress Makes A Difference

Certain events and stressful periods can "shock" the hair and affect the period of growth. Plus, stress can increase hair loss. Stagnant length and extra hair fall is a common side effect of stress that can last for a few months.

4.  Break Up With Breakage

4 Why Your Hair is not Growing

Your hair could be breaking once it reaches a certain length, which could make it seem like it’s not growing. Brushing too much, rough-handling, using elastic rubber bands and too many chemical treatments can all be blamed for brittleness and dryness. If your rate of growth is about the same as the rate of breakage, your length won’t increase much.  

5. A Diet To End The Drama

Vitamin deficiencies can be the reason behind your hair drama. Adequate amounts of zinc, Vitamin B12, iron and protein are necessary for healthy and strong hair growth and their levels can better the quality of hair. Lack of these can cause more shedding and weakness. Eating a high protein diet with plenty of iron and zinc can seriously boost hair growth, so you may want to change up your diet if you’re trying to grow out your locks.

6. Scalp Conditions

6 Why Your Hair is not Growing

Inflammation and other scalp conditions could be two other speed bumps on the way to your long hair dreams. Conditions like chronic dandruff, psoriasis and fungal infections are common culprits. Definitely, see a doctor for treatment.

7. Change Your Mane Routine

Your hair not growing longer is a sign that you need to step up your hair care. Don’t make it worse by styling and colouring and cut down on the heat. Decrease the damage and increase the repair with hydrating masks twice a week, regular trims and weekly champi sessions.

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