Easy Ways To Grow Long (& Strong) Hair For The Shaadi!

Easy Ways To Grow Long (& Strong) Hair For The Shaadi!
Hoping to have long, lustrous locks for your big day? If only your strands wouldn’t grow so damn slow! Well, you can stop stressing about your wedding deadline ’coz we give you a few awesome tips to help your hair grow super long (and strong!) in time. You don’t have to be an impatient bride-to-be any more!

1. Time For Supplements

A good idea is to consider taking supplements as soon as you get engaged. Discuss this with your your doctor - Biotin or vitamin supplements help in hair health as well as for giving you clearer skin and longer nails.

2. Stay Out Of The Sun

Grow Your Hair Long For Your Wedding

The sun’s rays can wreak havoc on our precious locks, especially in our Indian climate where it’s summer almost all year round! Avoid sun exposure as much as you can, wear a hat if you’re going to be out and about to keep your strands protected. Sun exposure can weaken and dry our strands, which inhibit hair growth, so always keep that in mind.

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3. Trim Often But Not Too Often!

Everyone keeps telling you to trim your hair often but how often really? Trims are super important to get rid of dry and split ends, waiting too long can make a split spread up the length of your hair, which means unhealthy strands that won’t grow. But trimming too often is also bad, ’coz then you’re just chopping away the length. Avoid getting a trim every month like some people advice you to. Instead, every 8 to 12 weeks during your engagement period is when you should book your trim appointments to encourage healthy hair growth. Once you chop off those dry ends, you’ll notice how much faster your locks grow.

4. Practice Safe Shampooing

Grow Your Hair Long For Your Wedding

If you’re shampooing too often and with the wrong products you should just give up on those long hair dreams. Lathering up too often really does dry out those strands and dry hair means slower hair growth. You should be shampooing not more than 3 times a week as a cardinal rule. Also, make sure your shampoo is not too harsh on your mane. A gentle, sulfate-free shampoo like Wella Elements Shampoo is one that you can’t go wrong with for much happier locks.

5. Champi Time

A hot oil massage will help de-stress from all the endless shaadi prep as well as stimulate growth right from the roots. Good old coconut oil is all you need for stronger, shinier hair, and regular scalp massages accelerate circulation for longer, stronger locks. Do this about once a week and watch for amazing results.

6. Take A Break From Heat

Grow Your Hair Long For Your Wedding

Put down the blow dryer and the straightener and those curling tongs too. Give your mane a detox from damage to help prevent frying your strands, causing more frizz and damaging the hair. Embrace your natural hair and go on a heat strike or at least cut down on it as much as you can - you need to help your strands recoup and get stronger. Constant heat styling is definitely a big speed break if you plan on growing out your mane.

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7. Awesome DIY Rinses

An apple cider vinegar rinse or grape seed oil rinse before shampooing are awesome ways to encourage hair growth. Do it once a week to help your strands grow super long while also giving you a way softer and silkier texture. It’s a win-win!

8. Your Hair Is What You Eat

Grow Your Hair Long For Your Wedding

Your diet also plays a huge role. Keep in mind that certain foods are essential for healthy, shiny hair. Omega-3, protein and zinc are important nutrients to load up on for enviable locks. Munch on nuts, salmon, leafy greens, avocado, eggs and fruits for stronger hair from the inside out. Down lots and lots of water too!

9. Be Gentle

Avoid vigorous towel drying, too-tight ponytails/hairstyles, rough brushing and basically being harsh on your precious strands in any way. Also, try sleeping on a silk pillowcase as it’s way gentler on your locks and prevents friction as you roll around at night. A little extra love will go a long way!


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