7 Surprising Things That Might Be Making Your Hair Fall!

7 Surprising Things That Might Be Making Your Hair Fall!
Hairfall is easily one of the most annoying beauty troubles one can encounter as it is heartbreaking to see your luscious mane deteriorate. Knowing why your hair is falling is crucial to stopping it. Some of the obvious causes are poor diet, dandruff etc., but many face hair loss despite maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The cause for your hair fall could range from anything between your OCD to carry your bag only on the left shoulder to stress. Isolating the cause of the hairfall is the first step towards treating it. Keep reading to see if any of the causes listed below ring a bell!

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1. Carrying your bag on the same shoulder every day

This simple habit maybe one of the top causes of hair breakage and hairfall without you even realising it. Leaving your locks open and carrying your bag on the same shoulder everyday can cause hair breakage, which over prolonged periods leads to hair thinning. Keep your hair tied or on the other shoulder - the one on which you aren’t carrying a bag. 

2. Tying your hair very tight

2 surprising things that cause hair fallHigh ponytails and buns may be super chic but in the long term is a top reason of hair fall and can damage the hair cuticles, leading to hair breakage. Don’t stick to the same hairstyle every day, change it up and try low, looser braids/ buns/ ponytails as a healthy hairstyle alternative. 

3. Chunky jewellery

Wearing chunky necklaces, rings and bracelets for long periods of time, while styling your hair or during the shower can be a reason for hairfall as the hair is very likely to get stuck in the jewellery, leaving you with no option but to pull out/ break the hair. Avoid this by removing your jewellery before a shower, styling and before going to bed. 

4. Back combing

4 surprising things that cause hair fallNo matter what you’re being told, know that back combing tops the list of hairfall. You are basically combing against the cuticle grain which causes a lot of friction, knots and breakage. Try a faux hair poof and volumizing hair products instead. 

5. General anaesthesia and surgery

If you’ve had a major surgery in the past few months, it is possible that the stress induced in your body due to anaesthesia and surgery could eventually be a reason for hairfall. Seek the help of a physician to manage hair fall and restore luscious locks. 

6. Stress distresses your tresses

6 surprising things that cause hair fallNothing good comes from stress, and hair is no exception. If you’re stressed, your hair is less likely to be thick, bouncy and healthy looking. When under stress, as a defence mechanism, the body tends to shed hair. Manage your stress levels to tackle the major reason of hairfall

7. Autoimmune disorders

Autoimmune disorders often result in hair loss. Seek medical advice to best manage the disorder and the resultant hair fall. 

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